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  1. what kind of alarm system (brand) ?
  2. its a e11 sr (G6) facelift you got there ;)
  3. I would love them mate :) but my better half has put her foot down when it comes to new parts for the car for a while :P
  4. Next mod will be a nx nitrus system :) if im going to blow up my engine migth as well do it properly :P have also bougt some proper rally style mud flaps
  5. the way i see it this is a part that is going to be super hot then cold over and over again and that puts a lot of strain on the manifoil and you car risk that it cracks, but if you have seen others use this setup with success then it worth a shot i guess ;) if you look in that link i added in my previous post you can get some info about the material ticknes that is recommended ect.. love you ingenuity btw :) you have a fantastic project car :)
  6. how thick is the material you are using ? if its "regular" exaust piping you are using there is a big chance that the header wont take the heat and migth destroy the engine/turbo take a look here http://www.sdsefi.com/techheader.htm
  7. awesome car mate :) to bad your giving up the e11 but a really nice upgrade ;) i had a question about the t-sport suspension... is the rear suspension a individual setup (like the e11) or the type where both sides are "connected" (in lack of better words )
  8. that should not be a problem mate, the engines are basically the same from the date the zz engines went in to production to the e12 went out of production ;) don`t know about the newer models edit: you migth run a little rich with the 1zz injectors, do you know the spec of the 4zz ones ?
  9. try plugging it out and see what happens , if nothing changes in the car behavior it`s probably a faulty lamda sensor
  10. I will add som pics of my different intakepipe setups Cai setup with battery in the front Straigth setup with battery in the back Basic setup 3zz vs 1zz inlet 1zz bolted on Clearance
  11. custom intake pipe with a 45degree samco bend ;) i think there is pictures of it in my tread somewhere
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