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  1. Ah yes, the radio arial is mounted at the front - will check this out as well as a possible source of the leak. Thanks!
  2. Hi Silver Slipper and Bos Thanks for your feedback.... When we tip water in the area, you can see it trickling down into the footwell. I have already paid a visit to the dealer, and they went as far as removing the glove pocket, but more bits need to be removed as the water is coming in high up. It's impossible to tell where the water is getting in (but it's not the door - if only it was that simple!). Don't think it is leaves, but will double check this - the car still has the original windscreen and has not been involved in an accident (I bought the car from a friend who had it from new!). Cheers!
  3. Hello I've been having problems with a leak into the passenger footwell of my Toyota Yaris. I can see the water is leaking into the car but it is impossible to see where it is coming from. I have read a message on the forum from Kman1 (but it is almost two years old) who had a similar problem which was fixed by the Toyota dealer. I took my car to my local Toyota dealer and they said that they had not heard of any problems with a leak from the bulkhead and wanted me to leave the car for a diagnostic, which might cost up to £600 (as they'd have to remove lots of parts to find the leak) plus the cost of the repair!! (which is a lot of money for a car that is 8 years old). I'm wondering if my repair would be covered under the warranty for the bodywork - but would I have to pay for the diagnosis?? I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do next and would appreciate some advice from members who have been in a similar situation and how they went about solving it. Thanks very much.
  4. Hi everyone My name's Jan - I've just joined the Club and wanted to say hello! I'm having some problems with a leaky Yaris and will post my comments on the appropriate forum, and would appreciate feedback from anyone who has had a similar issue. Thanks! Jan
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