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  1. cheers guys.... what year did they make the facelift gen6 and what's the oven trick??mine's a 95 gt..
  2. I,m lookin for clear front and side indicators for a gen6. Anyone know where to buy them?? Cheers Steve
  3. why does the gen 6 have a higher bhp than a gen 5 when they both have the 3s-ge 2 litre engine?? Just wondering!!!
  4. I'm lookin for a power antenna if it will fit a gen 6...
  5. gtuk

    Brake Pads

    Where's best to buy front and rear brake pads,and which ones would you recommend..... I'd be thankfull for any guidance ......
  6. Test driven a few gen 5's but all had dodgy histories,so settled for gen 6 which seemed ok,,,,,Looks very much like your motor,,Ill post photos as soon as i work out how to ,,,, Next car probably a gen 5 GT4!!!!!!!!
  7. I don't think you should bother with them.Gen 5's look great because they've got the standard pop ups,Im envious as a gen 6 owner , Theres no need to join the nova clan GTuk
  8. Thanks for replying and putting my mind at rest, I just worry about such things as i have only had the car for a month and I'm new to quality cars......Ex mini 1000 owner...Good riddance!!!!! Cheers again for replying....
  9. I have just noticed a vibration/buzzing sound that appears to be coming from underneath the car.....It only happens as the needle moves between 2800 and 3200 revs in 2nd,3rd and 4th gears. I'm just praying it's not too big a problem!!!
  10. gtuk

    Air Intake

    Just bought k&n 57i kit. I took fizz,s advice and saved some pennies. I wont be able to fit untill late next week,i'll let you know what i think... Cheers to all for replying.\\\\\
  11. gtuk

    Air Intake

    thanks again...How much is this going to cost me.....
  12. gtuk

    Air Intake

    i'm looking to add an air induction kit to my recently bought 1995 GT..Does anybody recommend a certain kit and supplier....Many thanks ....
  13. cheers very much. Never thought of lookin at the left hand side of the engine , ive looked everywhere else... ps i'm a new celica owner .. A bit thick at the moment but willing to learn!!!
  14. how do i identify what kind of engine is currently installed in my recently bought Gt.... Please help me!!!
  15. i want to know as much as possible about my car,any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I will be posting photos shortly, Merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone!!! ps the car is a 1995 uk celica 2.0gt