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  1. Rav4 Intermittant Fault. Engine Management.

    hi mate check with: EGR T/C SCV Cheers/Igor Hi. Unfotunately I have been experiencing the same problem. I have Replaced the SCV valves to no avail. I have also dismanteled the egr valve and the turbo and gave them a through cleaning. I have followed the checks on the vsv valve, as per a post by Anchorman. Air has passed in the opposite direction so i think that part needs replacing. The funny thing about this issue is that when I clear the faultcodes the car runs perfectly fine for a couple of weeks until the problem repeats itself. I would understand that if a part were defective the car would not run properly even I the codes are cleared. could it be the ECU?? thanks for you help alex
  2. D4d Obdii

    Hi I tried the VSV. Apperently air flows form point E to g or vice versa i'm not sure but anyways I'm going to order one from parts king. about 65sterling. very easy job to replace - btw the error I got was P1251 - something to do with step motor for turbo Hope it works!! will keep u posted. I was reading other threads - could it be the injectors??
  3. D4d Obdii

    Thank Anchorman, will do and advise soonest. hi there, I have been experiencing the same problem. I replaced the SCV's and I must admit that there was an increase in power from the car, as well as better starting of the engine. This notwithstanding I have not solved the problem and i am still experiencing the intermittent errors. The VSV problem seems very interesting as thats what the mechanic thought at first (he tried to blow into it to see if it works.) The error i am getting is P1251. We have a problem with contaminated fuel as well (and being small we have only two or three improters of fuel) but I have talked to many rav owners locally and no-one seems to complain. It's logical that if I get faults due to contaminated fuel someone else on the island is to get it as well. Whatever the problem is I recomend that you do not change the turbo. I got mine cleaned up and reconditioned (labour here is not that expensive) but it didnt solve the problem. I also cleaned the hot wire sensor but didn't make a difference. Hope to test it this evening and will tell u about it. cu alex
  4. Strange Rattle From Engine

    Hello there. I'm getting a strange rattle from the engine whilst i'm lifting the clutch and the car starts to move. The rattle disappears as I push on the accellerator. No rattle when the car is idling. Any ideas what could it be?
  5. D4d Loss Of Power.

    Hi, First of all I would like to thankyou for such a good site. I have been browsing the site for a while now,and i realized that there are a lot of cases/problems wherein d4d engins are subject to a loss of power and an intermittent limp mode. This is a potentially dangerous situation, especially when one is trying to overtake another vehicle. Many Toyota owners have spent a small fortune to fix the problem, to no avail. Unfortunately anyone who comes to the bottom of it and solves the problem does not post his solution. I have met this problem in the Avensis and Rav 4 forums, and I must admit I have the same problem on my Rav. I, along with others suffering from the same dreaded problem would be grateful if you could give it some importance, if possible "pin" a solution to the problem. Thanks
  6. P 1251 Fault Code

    Welcome to the P1251 club! I get the same code on my rav 4. Appartently they change the turbo which is really costly. I opted not to do it. Been browsing some forums and changing the turbo doesn't necessarily solve the problem... This is what I have done up to now: 1.Checked EGR valve (very simple put a piece of cloth in the exhaust pipe and put you foot on the pedal to see if the engine stops. If it stops then the egr is messed up) 2. Reconditioned the turbo - (get someone to open it and clean it) 3.check the hot wire sensor on the air flow meter.(clean it with something) 4. Now I am changing the Supply control valves. A mechanic also told me to check the temperature sensor. will let you know when i solve it -
  7. Scv's

    Sorry I see from your forum name where your based... I would say your best bet would be parts king.. but then again the postage may be expensive..but anything this size may be dear as well to post... At least it's warmer where you are than in the UK at the moment.... :thumbsup: Next tuesday its up to 18 centigrade. I suppose our 'winter' will end soon! thanks again for your help
  8. Scv's

    Really sorry mate love to give you an answer but i dont know what scv's are even tried googling in an effort to help, but nearest thing i got was State City of the Vatican, don't suppose thats what you want :D :D Anyway sure someone on here will be able to help, we have some very clever members unfortunately I am not one of them..Good luck mate. Local..... :o :o :o :o :o :o these have been mentioned and a good tutorial on how to fit them. Finding them online can be hard but our regular parts king will help you. see HERE for all details on the SCV Valves..... Hope this helps you out Alex-Malta...... thanks mate - its difficult to get parts here!!
  9. Scv's

    hello there, does anyone know where can i buy SCV's for a 2004 D4D online??
  10. D4d Engine Fault

    Hi Ive been experiencing the same problem for a year or so. My mechanic diagnosed the error as being P1251 - overboost condition. We refurbished the turbocharger (and i must admit it had some grime) but the car was ok only for a week. I cleaned the hot wire sensor, was OK for a week then back to the same problem. I think that the things I have done have been useless. In fact, the mechanic always cleared the 'code' after he did something to the car - which is what I think actually makes the car go OK for a week or so. One thing that I have noticed however is that the car is difficult to start. I thought it was the battey which was running flat, so I bought a new one. I changed the battery but no progress was made. I now beleive that the SCV's are not working correctly. I'm no expert just using some common sense here... But, If you have a new battrey that fires the fuel with a good charge and this does not happen, the problem might be that there is some fault with the fuel supply itself. I don't know if someone is following me. This might also explain the fact that the the car looses power, the turbo overboosts to make up for the loss of power and it gives you the error. I am no expert and might be writing a lot of gibberish but perhaps someone with technical knowledge would get a clue.. and please if anyone gets to the bottom of it let us know!! thanks alex
  11. Rav 4 D4d Engine

    thanks anchorman i'll pass the list of possible faults to mechanic. fingers crossed!
  12. Rav 4 D4d Engine

    Got same problem. Its not the turbo - I got it reconditioned and did not make a difference. It has nothing to do with the temperature - Where I live it never goes below 10 degrees centigrade The exhaust is not blocked. I already added some injector cleaner. It is not the hot wire air sensor - I got it cleaned. My mechanic thinks its is something electrical. The error code is P1251. We shall check the SVC's and their connections. One thing I noted is that the car takes a short while to start. I changed the battery but it remained the same. Perhaps the SVC's are not letting in enough fuel - only a thought i'm no expert. Can anyone think of something else!!
  13. P1 Fault

    Same think happens to mine - error code should be P1251
  14. D4d Obdii

    thanks a lot.....will keep you posted with the progress - if any:(
  15. Hello

    Hello there, I had an integra type r and exchanged it for a rav 4 as it wasn't good for my work schedule (im a civil engineer). First thing I noted was the comfy ride which is much better than the tough suspensions I was used to (especially when you consider the roads I have to get thru' sometimes!) anyways hello