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  1. Take it to another dealer or contact Toyota UK, tell them your not happy with the dealer and want it sorted. Also when it smokes do you get a lot of noise from the engine.
  2. Last year I bought a 2000 landcruiser 100 series import, and the previous owner had driven it for 10 years with the standard radio and a band expander, so the reception is crap and the CD does not work, anyway have got a Sony double din unit to put in, but have tried most local shops and a lot of dealers on fleabay, and non of them can find me the correct ISO cable. HELP !
  3. A Lexus V8 is the engine to put in, have a look on the Surf forum.
  4. Just reset the light again, the light works off the odometer and is not connected to the belt in any way.
  5. Try the new forum http://www.landcruiserclub.net/forum/
  6. If its not been used for 6 years the gas will have leaked and the seals will have gone, the button will only light when it has enough pressure, so you need a sevice and re-gas.
  7. If it's just the lower ball joint or bushes then you can get the parts from http://www.milneroffroad.com/categories.asp?cID=12196
  8. Read this http://www.toyotasurf.asn.au/techsite/cvjoints.htm
  9. Just get a motor from the nearside of any similar year Toyota, I think the motors are handed.
  10. This is the 3.0 ltr surf, and if it's in the same sort of place a lot of them do it.
  11. Could be the plug pulled off the back of the cluster,or the sender unit on the gearbox.
  12. Where is it leaking from on the turbo, also it is possible to upgrade but might be a load of hassle, most people get a bigger exhaust system and maybe a intercooler for more power.
  13. Take the one out of the rear near side door and try it.
  14. You lower the spare through the hole in the rear bumper, have a look under the rear seats for the long bar for winding it down. Owners manual. http://daemon4x4.org/portal/downloads.php?dcid=16
  15. This is the way to do it http://hiluxsurf.eu/faq_interior.htm#stereo_change
  16. I would have a play with the computer to see if it can be switched off.
  17. I can only tell you that on the older Surfs, they had a small box on the back of the speedo, and you had to cut a wire to silence it, not sure if this helps as you probably have a digital dash.
  18. If you Google HPOC you will find some printed instructions on the forum.
  19. For a kit try here http://www.webercarbsdirect.com/Toyota_Weber_Carburetors_s/41.htm
  20. Loads of people breaking Hilux's on the http://www.hpoc.co.uk/community/index.php?
  21. That is a 2nd gen SSRG or X with a drop down tailboard.
  22. As I said show me a 2nd gen Surf with a one piece factory lift up tailgate like the 3rd gen.
  23. Show me a factory made 2nd gen with a lift up tailgate then, because I have never seen one, and have been importing Surfs for 6 years now.
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