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  1. Hey thanks for replying. No no my girlfriend drove a jazz, it was a reviewer for the guardian newspaper that said it was a rough ride, of you google aygo review its one of the top results. Ah ok, I thought it had stiffer suspension. No problem then. Do you think the car sounds like a good deal?
  2. Hi guys, Just a quick question about the Aygo. As a Yaris T Sport driver myself, I know the standard stiffened suspension can be pretty firm at times - my girlfriend is now looking to buy a late 05 Aygo Sport, but I read in just one review that the suspension is very hard. Is that true? Or was the reviewer exaggerating? She's driven a Honda Jazz for 3 years so if its anywhere near that I'm sure she'll be happy. Finally, the Sport she's looking at is Nov 05 with 9700 miles on clock (NOT a typo) - they're asking £3500 with 12 month MOT. Good deal?? It looks very clean outside but have only seen photos right now - viewing tomorrow. Thanks!
  3. more like what you want it to do maybe?? :P
  4. this is probably down to my lack of driving experience in a "racing scenario" but personally i hate first gear lol i hit the high revs so fast and when i go to do a quick gear change sometimes theres a real loud thump as i change, and a fair old jolt - i didnt notice the big thump in my yaris t sport, maybe it has a more sporty clutch/gearbox combo is it down to my own style or what?? i drive the 1.6 t3 btw? (i figure if im only getting a couple of mpg more by driving like an old lady i might as well enjoy the drive for a few mpg less lol)
  5. if im honest i do drive the corolla "enthusiastically" lol, but if i drove like a granny i would still probably only manage about 35-36. i dont get how people get 34 out of their t sports tho, they driving like grannies? :s
  6. cant; insurance will rape me :( otherwise i would, theres one for sale quite close to me
  7. cant tell which engine they are though :s
  8. hey guys update i cleaned the MAF well, no effect, still at 31-32 MPG and after 60MPH efficiency drops pretty badly, it seems to be really drinking petrol at 80.. although i have to say, when i took the MAF out, there was the little glass bulb thing, and also there was a wire up in another little section, i couldnt reach the wire so i gave it a good spray and i cleaned the bulb as best i could using the spray and cotton buds until no dirt came off (not much came off in first place) but the little bulb thing was a strange brown colour, almost like a coloured bulb would be - is this normal? as i automatically assumed it would be clear? the brown coating didnt seem to be dirt as like i said i couldnt remove it. i also lowered the tyre pressures again - 37.5 front and 35 rear; rides a lot smoother but no effect on MPG. what else could be wrong?? brakes seem fine.... how much is a new MAF sensor? I'm in 2 minds now - keep the car / try and fix it - or sell it and cut my losses. i really love the look of the car more than anything, and it drives great but its costing me an absolute fortune right now... i filled it up (£50) on monday and it will probably be on red light again at weekend if not before... is 40MPG realistic?? i put my foot down occasionally and am around town / motorways regularly too. quoted figure is 40.4 IIRC thanks
  9. is that not for the standard tyres tho? or does it not matter?? i knew 45 was very high i checked it 4 or 5 times to make sure it wasnt wrong lol
  10. cheers ill give it a go ;) checked my pressures btw; the back left tyre was 10 under the rest, so i put it up so they were all even. just going by what it said on the tyre though, max pressure was 50 PSI theyre all around 45 now, with slightly more in the front.
  11. lol speaking of which ill go check my pressures now ;)
  12. oh i know, in my yaris TS it took a couple of months for my MPG to stay constant on the computer, but it didnt change by much and i know myself that I am driving the car pretty easy - IMO at the very worst i should be getting 36-37 MPG allowing for my driving does cleaning the MAF help?? battery was detached a couple of weeks ago but i didnt touch the MAF, you think its worth cleaning? any other ideas??
  13. It just had MOT in July passed no problem. Yea that's what I was thinking it's around T Sport MPG... What about oil and stuff would oil needing changed affect efficiency?? Car is at 62k but every service EXCEPT the most recent one (60k) was done by toyota. The 60k was done by an independant. Any other ideas guys? I'm starting to worry incase something major is wrong because I REALLY can't afford to fix it :( edit. What tyre pressures should I have?? Like I said I'm on 18s with 215x35 profile tyres
  14. Hey would the gearbox oil being knackered cause my gear changes to be quite choppy when the car is cold?? 1.6 T3? Also would it cause my MPG to be low??? Cheers
  15. Hey guys I have an 04 f/l 1.6 corolla t3, I've had it almost a month now but I'm disappointed with the fuel consumption. The trip computer says I am getting 31.3 mpg but my own calculations (using red light to red light mileage and litres of fuel put in) say I'm getting 32.5 MPG, pretty shocking IMO I was expecting at least 38. I do have large wheels which you might say disrupt the counters but I have worked it out and the overall wheel/tyre circumferences are only 1% different so I'm ruling that out. So basically what could be causing my low MPG?? I don't think it's my driving by the way, I have put my foot down the odd time but 90% of time is just normal driving. Thanks
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