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  1. Thanks, Its just buggin me, i love the bumper on it but all i see is the colour difference when i look at it, probably end up painting it again.
  2. It depends on the light think it was actually better the first time. Have been to another bodyshop but their solution was to blend the wings which i dont want. The original bumper was painted by arnold clark when i got it as it had a small scratch and first time wasnt a great match but i made them do it again and it was fine so i know it can be matched better. What about toyota do you think theyd get a better match? Really need to get it sorted ive hardly driven it cos it makes me mad every time i look at it at the moment And after the second attempt From the front not too bad From the side too light And from above too blue
  3. got the car back, still not entirely happy with the colour match but not sure what to do about it, unsure ill get a better match
  4. Thats quite high for admiral im only 23 cars not a t sport mind you but myself and fiance have the corolla and a 1.8 turbo a4 insured with admiral on a multicar policy for £488
  5. No, a painter ive used for years is doing it, he has already painted and fitted it, but will be taking it off again to paint it with the different shade, it looks good apart from the colour difference
  6. Thats my corolla back in to get the front bumper repainted, not happy at all about the shading, looked ok in certain lights but colour just wasnt good enough. Toyota were kind enough to just send the paint rather than checking the shade first so hopefully should have it back tomorrow and will eventually get some pictures up, i was going to before but when i put them on photobucket you could see the colour difference Anyone else had the same hassle?
  7. I think the electric blue would be nice or the metallic blue mazda colour
  8. I personally think K&N is a better quality the pipercross uses the foam filter. I tried both on my starlet and the pipercross hardly gave off any noise whereas the k&N sounded great and the typhoon on my corolla was well worth the money it makes a nice wee roar.
  9. Sounds like it could be the throttle body. Are the revs only dipping when the car is idling? I had mine replaced because of this, although my engine management light didn't come on it probably should have though. Best bet is to get it on a diagnostics machine find out the fault codes
  10. Yes lol. Im just not great at explaining myself.lol Its driving me mad without the logo because its the first thing i see everytime i look at it
  11. Cheers will go and hassle my local toyota tomorrow.lol Ill put pictures up when i have the badge on.
  12. Its for a yaris, but easily fitted to a corolla its the same as mine just needs a good clean ebay
  13. Has anyone got a part number for the chrome toyota logo from t sport bumper? Got my new bumper on but the badge is a different size and when i tried to order from toyota they got me the t sport badge, i will change it but will be easier if i have a part number then at least theyll get it right. Thanks
  14. Hi, I got the tte yaris backbox from the jap breakers on helen street in Govan, theyre maybe worth a try. If its custom you fancy try c and c in hillington, i have used them many times and theyre great the prices are reasonable too. 01418828811. They also fitted my tte box. The springs i went for are konis and i really like them. Ps where abouts in glasgow you from?
  15. My boyfriend changed the plate on his car about a month ago, it took about a fortnight to get the new mot taxdisk etc.
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