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  1. Wanted Corolla Gti Side Repeaters + Rear Wiper Arm South east london area
  2. Wanted Corolla Gti Side Repeaters + Rear Wiper Arm
  3. Any Corolla GTi owners going this Saturday to Castle Combe for the Japfest?
  4. Looking very close to standard now!
  5. Highya all. I own a 88 corolla gti. Great car apart from the rust. Breaks my heart when it starts to bubble through. The time has come a date with the welder is imminent Can anyone reccomend any good welders in south east london/kent. Yellow pages has got about 40 places that I have never heard of. If anyone can recommend any places that would be greatly appreciated. cheers Spockoff
  6. turned out to be the voltage regulator inside the alternator. Why dont they keep the regulator seperate any more?
  7. Thanks for the offer on the exhaust. The only part of the exhaust system which is not riddled with rust is the back box. Its looking fairly newish. I will get on the phone 2mo and get some quotes for the welding. Spoke to a couple of guys and they reckon the turret can be plated instead of being cut out and replaced. I guess i will find out soon enough.
  8. Just an update on the rolla. Been busy sourcing parts for the gti. Its starting to look near standard now. Picked up some original rear lights, side repeaters and airbox. Gona be picking up a set of original alloys tomorrow. Pictures to follow tomorrow when all installed. Then its a date with mr welder, to get that rear turret sorted. Removed the cam covers the other day. A little bit of sludge, but nothing too drastic. Fresh oil and sparkies to following shortly so should circulate around and combust a bit cleaner. Thanks to the guys who message me about original parts for sale. Im still looking for couple of bits and bobs to restore her to her former glory. But thanks again. Cheers
  9. I was looking at taking it to a garage to get fixed. I was wondering how much a welding job like that will cost me. If they had to cut the strut out. What do you think £?
  10. Rusty rolla gti Pics! Was a tad worried about the rust around the rear shocker. What do you think?
  11. 15 Corolla gti! Well this is my first. Used to walk past a mint silver J plate every day on the way to school. Taken me an eternity to actually get one though. It has not disapointed so far! Hoping to get past the 200k mark at least with this one and to top it off with some trips to the nurburgring eventually. Rolla gti with that sticker on the back. Can you imagine!!
  12. Hello fellow toyota owners. Let me get straight to the point with the symptoms of my problem. When my car has been warmed up and I rev it past 4000rpm the alternator light comes on and the voltmeter reads over 16 volts. I come off the gas and let the engine idle and then the voltmeter stays at 16 volts for a while and then returns to normal. Any toyota owners have a similar problem to me? Regards spockoff
  13. Cheers for the response guys. I will look into what other bits I need and post a list up. Ive finally got the standard airbox on the way. Fitted some new sidelights today, as the others were cracked. Looking at ditching the rear smoked lights and side repeaters for standard ones now. Mr JONES I may take you up on the offer of the rear lights. Il post the pics of the rust tomorrow, and see what you guys think. cheers.
  14. Highya, well am looking to restore the car to its near factory condition. I brought the car mainly because it had been professionally resprayed and had hardly any rust. As you know, seen so many examples rotting away. With the exception of the alloys and induction kit its completely standard. Just put a new radiator and thermostat the other day, and waiting for some bilstein front shocks to arrive. I took out the rear seats, to asses the condition of the rear suspension mountings, and its not looking too good. Looks like the rollas got a date with the welder after all. At the moment been searching high and low for the original air cleaner assembly and the original wheels but no luck thus far. Il get the camer out soon and post how things go.
  15. Highya all. Am new to the forum after having just purchased a 1988 corolla GTi. Looking to restore her to former glory. Am driving a 91 Celica GT as my daily run until I can get the Corolla up to standard.