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  1. No problems at all with mine. They have only been cleaned on the rare occasion that the car has been washed It sounds like a fault that needs to be fixed under warranty.
  2. Designed by Batman!! It might be interesting to drive on rural Norfolk roads with those tyres - is there any room for air?
  3. I had a similar problem in May, when someone didn't bother to move to the left coming down a country lane. The mirror worked OK, but the casing was smashed. The offside mirror casing came in three parts, plus the indicator LED (which worked, but with a broken fitting). I won't give you the part numbers, as they won't be any use unless you have a spirited aqua. The descriptions on the invoice are, as you will see, helpful. Cover, outer mirror £35.14 Lamp assy, side turn £68.76 Cover, outer mirror £25.84 Cover, outer mirror £17.04 All prices excl VAT. Total, including VAT £176.14 I can well imagine the £500+ if the mechanism was damaged as well
  4. My charger came with a five metre tethered cable. However, there was an option for an eight metre one for a few pounds more. So I don't think you will have any problems using an 8 metre cable, as long as it is rated for at least the 3.5 kW the car needs. It shouldn't be a problem, as I think that is the lowest available rating. If you get a 7 kW rated cable, then you will really have no problems, but that should really be unnecessary. Also, I had to wait about a month to get the charger installed. During that time I used the granny cable, plus a 13 amp extension lead to charge the car from an outside power point without any problems. However after a week to reduce the continuous load on the house wiring, I reduced the maximum charge current to 8 amps, using the car settings.
  5. A PHV option would have a lot of extra weight from the batteries (IIRC 150kg). Add the extra 60kg for the AWD, it becomes a two seater😁. In that case, you have a nice large boot😂🤣.
  6. The most I've been able to put in mine is just under 6.5 kWh, so that leaves just over 2 kWh of unused reserve capacity.
  7. Never reply from memory. I think I confused this with another post. This sounds a lot like the same problem. And why can we no longer edit posts? So my dealer's service manager was almost certainly correct (he did say that it was probably the piston rings) . It looks as though both generations can get the same problem. However our car was out of warranty, so on balance the cost of a few gallons of oil turned out a lot cheaper than the repairs would have been. What really impresses me is how well the cat managed to dispose of so much burnt oil, so cleanly, and for so long. This was at least half a litre of oil every thousand miles, and carried on for almost three years and 70 to 80 thousand miles. In pre-cat days, that would have been a lot of smoke
  8. At somewhere not too long over 100k miles, my old Gen2 (by then in the hands of another family member) started using a lot of oil, several litres between services. There was no sign of an oil leak, and with that volume of oil it would have been very obvious. So my conclusion was that the oil was being burnt. It went through several services and MOTs without problem The service manager at my Norwich dealer agreed that the oil was being burnt, and that major work would be needed to fix it. We decided that the best approach would be to suck it and see. If the cat failed, then something would have to be done. In the end, 2 1/2 years, several services, and many buckets of oil later, the car was still smoke free when part exchanged at 185k miles. Based on this experience, i find it hard to imagine what could have caused the smoke described by the OP.
  9. Perhaps linked to the pedestrian identification camera of the autonomous braking system?
  10. At least it is restricted to whole words. The forum of an airline site I used a lot, a few years ago, caused real problems to a regular from S$%&^(*)Ihorpe. Edit: Apparently he would have had problems on this site too.
  11. I understand that the sounder must be carried by a person walking in front and carrying a red flag. 😁
  12. Before doing anything else, check the 12 volt battery isn't knackered. This can cause all manner of weird electrical problems if low on charge. If it is this, then it is a relatively cheap fix. It is most likely to be the cause if the battery is over five years old, if you do a lot of short journeys, or have let the battery get fully discharged (lights left on, holiday parking etc.). It may also be worth trying another dealer. Some are a lot better than others. Good luck
  13. Many thanks for that URL. I don't usually bother with blocking, but these ones are far too obtrusive.
  14. As I have over four years to go until my car qualifies for this offer, I have the horrors at having this seriously intrusive advert appearing so regularly, and occupying over half the screen area on my phone. I realise that some ads are necessary to support the site, but this is overkill. I think that I am probably going to have to investigate adblockers a lot more seriously
  15. I would happily give you further feedback, especially as my original information was probably meaningless. The car gives very little useful information for the PHV Prius, because you cannot usefully separate mpg and miles/kWh. However King's Cross is not an option for me. I very much look forward to the results if you can properly address the PHV issues. I actually have some fairly extensive fuel/electricity usage information for the Plug-in, although correlating daily electricity usage with the figures provided by the car is an interesting exercise.