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  1. Agreed. Mine is 13,600 mAh, which is massive overkill and waste of money. The only consolation is that it will keep my laptop working for days if necessary 🤔🤔
  2. Mine (VicTsing) says don't use if below 75%. However, I suspect that this is intended to save its battery when starting an ICE, which need a lot of battery power to operate the starter motor. The prius only needs very little power to drive the car electronics. So it should be OK down to a very low percentage. FWIW I've only used it in anger once, and it worked like a dream.
  3. You could try the Faraday cage to eliminate the key as a problem. I don't think it's likely, unless the key is close to the phone's aerial. This is no good as a permanent solution. The warning beeps wll drive him mad, although the car will work ok. Where does he keep the phone while in the car? Is there anything metal or electrical nearby that could interfere with the mobile signal? He could try keeping the phone on the dash, or in a window phone mount. The signal should be much stronger without bodywork etc in the way. It could also be a marginal mobile signal. There can be a
  4. Apologies HSDish. Remind me not to use my phone for posting, it doesn't show your vehicle details.
  5. Full charge from empty is usually about 6. 2 or 6.5 kWh. Occasionally, it may be a bit more or less, depending on how the car has behaved in hybrid mode.
  6. Staying off topic, my favourite is Trottiscliffe in Kent, pronounced Trosley. All in all, a bit ghoti-y. Pree-us is quite conservative by those standards.
  7. Good article. I think the 470 was just for 2012. The total for the Gen1 PHV was 1651. Still miniscule compared with the Global count of 128,900
  8. My grovelling apologies. I had thought the string of emojis after that comment might have indicated the possibility that my comment was not entirely serious, addressing a topic that was probably not intended to be taken too seriously. I most seriously apologise for the confusion that I may have caused those non-Prius (pronounce as you feel inclined) owners who might not understand this. And yes, I do understand the difference between spelling and pronunciation. I shall head off immediately to have my sense of humour excised, before my statue (if only) is dragged of its plinth
  9. Pronunciation, spelling. Is there a difference? 😁🤣😅🤨 Do we really care?
  10. If the vote was in the UK, it would probably be Priusy McPriusfaces. Which would then be totally ignored - this is Toyota GB after all. Not based on my grade 2 Latin O-level 🤔
  11. I think that most of the weird pronunciations were in the early days ( I bought my first one in 2008, after missing one in 2006 as the seats were seriously uncomfortable that year). It seems to have stabilised in recent years. AFAIR, the pree-oos was only seen once in an article by a journalist who knew nearly as much about the car as he did about how its name was pronounced.
  12. I'm English, but go with Pree-us. Although, there is some Scottish in the family from long long ago!
  13. Glad the problem is resolved. I don't know what bits come with the Noco charger, but with the CTEK one there is a short lead supplied that can be attached permanently to the battery. It made plugging the charger in a very simple task. It will be going on to the current car very shortly. I'd always heard that Minis were a bit fragile. About 50 years ago, a friend had a Bristol 403. He stopped art a set of traffic lights, unlike the following Mini, driven by a District Nurse looking the other way. The outcome, after checking she wasn't hurt, was that the Mini was undriveable
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