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  1. lol. He's already stripped out nearly all the interior. Nice buy!
  2. And cheap on insurance and petrol believe it or not! Modded to hell at the same price as a bog standard 1.8 MGZR 02 plate. £5995 (6K) with all FULL Mod specs - 19" ltd ed finish BK299s with VERY good tyres etc HAS TO GO BY MID MAY. This car is 3.5 - 4k base standard price then all mods under a year old amount to well over 8k - so thats 11 - 12k to me and selling at only 6k to you. Specs of the car and a detailled image gallery - BRAND NEW PICS only taken only yesterday CELICA IMAGES & INFORMATION
  3. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...me=STRK:MESE:IT This is Alex's car. Only two days left on the listing now.
  4. Couldnt stand Donny Show last year even though was in the middle of it on the Total streetcar magazine stand with free tickets. Less and less turn up every year and the organisers make zero attempt to spread out the entertainment and get people spreading out around the full grounds. If they at least placed one of the big noisy magazine stages in the other half of the grounds then people WOULD spread out. Everyone would enjoy it more too - theres nothing worse than having loads of big profile stands blasting out the bass in one spot trying to be louder than the next. Central - NOT good for people that are a little cloustrophobic, Acousticophobic, ... And for the stand where we were placed has proven that all of us that love our cars are Koniophobic (Fear of dust), and Anemophobic (Fear of air drafts or wind) See here http://www.phobialist.com/ I couldnt get in over at gate 12 as no one I knew could accomodate - sucks eh On Sunday I parked the celica on the DonnyCruise stand who despite being the local cruising community had a pretty naff placement also. On Sunday I brought 2 cars - left the mondeo in the car park, celica on show- then went home in the modeo for the day.
  5. Spent over 4 hours on the car today then it megga snowned - for 10 mins then sun came out. Glad I got the coat of wax on SECONDS before it hit. So not so bad after another dry down. Hoping the night stays clear. Am wondering how many had to rediscover by attaching car passes to inside windscreens tonight that sellotape doesnt like sticking in the cold! lol
  6. oooer - spotted the 'ebay sniper' software link. I hate ebay snipers lol and cant believe theres even software for it!!! .... might try it out though ;) What no 'souls' for sale lately??!
  7. Ms Cyprus - thanks for reminding me why am going to the other side of the planet - even though I hear that a car gets stolen every 3 secs in aukland and is rated the worst on the planet for it lol but seriously fi-fi, I'm glad your man is ok. He tried! so good to hear someone found a man with a sense of honour trying to protect you, your home and wares eh. :) You never get back what you paid for with insurance, am sure many with theft and write offs have found that out on here and is a nightmare when it happens. I went from a 7K Renault scenic down to a 3K Chrysler neon because of the equally thieving scum insurance on a write off payout. Dread to think what would happen with a 3.5k celica with over 7 k mods added. No matter the value or what the car was, loved or not, its always us that come short. (so batter the thieving buggas in action if you can lol) One thing I DO know is that if you keep looking, you will find your next best friend, be it eventually, and love that car to bits just as much.
  8. Wayhay yet another graphic designer here lol (me too) Welcome :)
  9. comfort of own home only a couple miles down the road for me :) Jetwash at the ready and all that here. Will be my last show though folks - its official - I fly out on the 4th June and am not coming back. Are you ok with me shoving a few for sale leaflets on the car when on the stand? - just seems most likely way to get rid when in the show - its ok, buying another asap when I land in NZ :)
  10. Sod it ! I'm coming. Last time I got about 16.3 on the 1/4 mile. Will be very slow compared with a lot I know. That was with 19"s on and a non removable ice install. So, I want to do it again now I have the Blitz in. Dont see the point in changing wheels etc as I dont see the point in getting times that I dont get on any other normal day as the 19"s now live on the car permanent. I dont have the heart to take them off!. May go a LOT slower but looks rubbish with the 16's on. Is there anyone else in class B running? Thats up to 1.8 engine going by the class spec on the last run. A corolla or something? So much more fun with a matched car next to you. Most fun last time was running against a 2.0i Vectra that had standard wheels, no install and had induction/exhaust etc and I near as darned it beat it :)
  11. Nice, but theyre not EL Glow dials are they. What I want is a suplier for the EL sheeting, used to see EL kits on ebay that included the sheets, connectors/wiring and transformer so you could make whatever you wanted but never seen em and cant find any now I want some! - typical!
  12. So.... If Cop sees car bonet glowig RED What are the bets on how much the standard on spot fine guaranteed to be introduced will be? A car that shout AM RAGEING - FINE ME! hmmmmm think the goverment will ensure the ideas introduction esp to the UK
  13. ohhh looks like you are going to have lots of fun with that. Only a bit of rust, well more but a bit but hopefully not bad enough to have to replace the bumper. As you say, MOT first, and hope it goes through smoothly enough for you
  14. Yikes - well the bad news is I recently bought some on a group buy imported from Japan and they cost £130! Try car auctions or breakers on the off chance of finding em and nick one Good news is that some just dont like them and take them off not knowing what theyre worth, or broke the other side. Spread the word, stick a wanted ad up on celica club etc and hopefully one will appear from the depths of someones garage that they took off thier Imported celica or gtfour.
  15. How about a very respectable ZERO problems ST? CLICKY
  16. Dont think there will be a problem. Think its more a case that I got extra cautios (and crap) fitting instructions. Leave em they should be fine! - was just sharing info
  17. I'm only mentioning it as with my set of EL dials it was one thing that was written in as a warning. I am not absolutely sure that the wires in the GT will be the same as mine in the ST. I think it may vary between import or UK, or simply if its a pre facelift or facelift model. But anyway, on mine theres two choices- solid green or Green with a white stripe - the striped one is the interior lighting attached to the dimmer system in my car. I wouldnt worry about it tbh since this wasnt mentioned with the particular dials you have. Do yours have thier own dimmer/colour change control? Mine does - so I think its the combination of both the interior dimmer and the one on the dials being turned up full whack then there becomes the risk. The transformer on mine 'buzzes' when turned to green so I tend to leave mine on blue setting unless I cant hear it for the stereo being on. Sorry - I posted on wrong user name above lol.
  18. Whats wrong with big round 'bug eyes'??? .... Always loved the round headlights, but then been brought up around my dad buying in and restoring MG's (MGB Roadsters, Midgets, and MGBGT's) so the lights remind me of then :) One thing you always see first on a night is the lights coming towards you - nice and round - not like most nowadays are pretty square - pop ups are really square.
  19. Funny that ... appreciates MY pop ups regularly Had them on my Volvo ES (wedge of cheese shaped jobby) Didnt like them much either after the 20th time jumping out of the car to help the passenger side one 'get it up'
  20. Hmmm well now that I have had a good look around this Gen 5 ( and I know am going to get grief for saying this ) but.... Kinda wish I got one of those instead of the Gen 6! lol. Love the standard 8 speaker system with the tweaters etc. But then that sort of thing is standard in the Gen6 GT isnt it ?... but then whats that matter when have stuck my own good system in. Driver seating position in that Gen 5 isnt as good and the steering lock is pants - nice though
  21. Those look like really nice dials! I know there in now but only thing I can ask is that if you made sure they didnt go on the interior lighting /dimmer -ve because when you turn the lighting up this can burn out your new EL dials. I put mine on the wrong on initially in my ST. They worked but I rectified it as soon as had traced the wiring diagram and realised. oh ... and PICS please :D
  22. Right, there are now TWO celicas on my driveway :D Look good together dont you think? Alex bought it at the local auctions. Seems to run well though may be back soon for a little help as I dont know the gen 5 as well as the gen 6 YET. Got a sunroof problem and the hydraulic boot struts are knackered. Washer jets dont work etc. Will be gorgeous and in full working order soon enough though!
  23. Theres no snow whatsoever in doncaster :D hmmmm - do I really want to go where there IS snow today hmmm Ok stuff it am going anyway
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