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  1. Well my wife has finally received notification from Toyota that her car will be subject to the recall (something to do with engine oil leaking internally and being a fire risk). Local Toyota dealer will handle the recalls and as my wife is a driving instructor have said they will prioritise her due to her having tests booked. They do seem to be dragging their heels though
  2. I had a similar problem with the Bury bluetooth in my car which kept disconnecting me. First thing to try is not just removing the phone from your TNS410 but remove the TNS410 pairing from your own phone. That didn't work for me so in the end I ended up backing my phone up then doing a factory reset and it's been fine since. For what its worth my wife has an iphone 3g and it's been fine with her TNS410 but she moans like mad that it's not a patch on the factory fitted bluetooth that was in her previous TR that was operated from the steering wheel controls.
  3. My wife got the TomTom xxl case from Halfords last night for £21-99. Fits like a glove.
  4. I can only vouch for the 2009 model but it does seem that the cut outs are still present. There are 2 pairs of slots at the rear of the boot about 1cm and 5cm above the floor level. Thank you
  5. My wife currently has a 2008 Yaris with the additional boards to split/raise the boot floor height. We know the new Yaris isn't suuplied with them any more but are the "cut outs" still present so that we could use the existing boards that we currently have? (Hope this makes sense)
  6. My wifes a driving instructor and bought a yaris TR D4D in October 2008. We paid 11,500 for it and she's been really pleased with the car. In November 2010 she took the car in for service and they tried to sell us a replacement. The TR they offered us was at book price and they offered us £5,500 on hers so we decided not to bother. What a difference a month makes, we took the car in last week in order to have the bonnet latch adjusted under warranty and noticed the upgrade offer to the T Spirit so we made a few enquiries and also priced the car up on a few internet brokers. To cut a long s
  7. My wifes Yaris rear offside wheel bearing went at 16,034 mile when the car was just over 12 months old. It was replaced under warranty with no fuss whatsoever.
  8. The new pedal assembly has solved the issue (so far anyway).
  9. I take it you're from Sheffield looking at your user name. We actually used Pentagon for our recall (we also got a free valet voucher with ours). The pedal assembly has now been replaced with a completely new pedal and is far better. Stick to your guns and insist on a new pedal if you're not happy.
  10. You know it makes me really angry , despite everything that has happened in the lead up to the pedal recall and since including a personal apology from the president of Toyota in that Toyota will listen to and take their customers seriously when they complain in the future that something is not quite right with their car , that your dealer is telling you that there's nothing wrong with your car when there quite clearly is , what would happen if you had a car bearing down on you and you put your foot down to get out of the way but your car stays where it is . It beggars belief really , there's
  11. My wife has a Yaris 1.4 d4d and prior to the pedal recall had no problems at all. Shehas now had the recall work done and has an intermittent problem with the accelerator which at times does not respond to pressure. I thought it was her imagination until yesterday it happened to me. Basically setting off in first gear it doesn't always respond to the pedal being pressed or there's a delay before it picks up. I had it back into the dealers yesterday and they checked it out and say there's nothing wrong with it. She's used the car again today and it's happened again so we're not too happy at t
  12. cheers bud :D i'll consider giving it a go once this snows gone Use a hairdryer to soften the glue then go very gently, remove residue of glue with white spirits as suggested, and/or meths. Regards Geoff Peace. Petrol is the best stuff to get rid of glue residue
  13. My wifes first service on her 2008 D4D was £90 at Pentagon Sheffield, they had just reduced their servicing costs. It'll be due it's second service in around 7 weeks but not sure what price yet.
  14. The cuddly drummer had been left at home Been to dealers today and it's a rear o/s wheel bearing. The noise didn't change with cornering but anyway it'll be changed under warranty. Not too impressed that a wheel bearing needs changing after 12 months/15000 miles though. On the plus side. customer service at Toyota is 2nd to non though :D
  15. That's exactly where it's going :) But it's always nice to know of any existing problems if ther are any.
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