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  1. Equal on both sides. Are all the calipers and all slider pins working correctly? I would suggest that if the disc and pads still have 5mm (that's half a centimetre) away from each other something isn't right. There should be little to not gap between pads and disc - sounds to be that the caliper on that side is stuck.
  2. There are 2/3 very good facebook groups.........go join them and see what those guys say. Corolla Club UK and Sj Autosport..... What price you asking...do not sell it short!!!
  3. Or try an android phone app like Torque OBD checker as computers are so sensitive to the correct OS, sw and app version.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/299-Pcs-Plastic-Car-Auto-Push-Pin-Rivet-Trim-Fastener-Moulding-Clips-Assortments-/142738735646?hash=item213be4421e Something like this should do it....probably too late now!!
  5. SJ AutoSport....Sam and Jam Nadeem in Birmingham. They are on Facebook as well.
  6. The heater matrix does get blocked on these cars. It is possible to flush with the matrix in place, up from the passenger side but most people recommend taking the matrix out and trying to flush and clean. If still doesn't work get another matrix and replace. They can also be a pita to get airlocks out of the system when everything is back together.
  7. Go to SJ Autosport, Sam and Jam Nadeem and they will have a centre piece. On Facebook or online http://www.sjautosport.com/about-us/
  8. Go onto Facebook and look for SJ Autosport or Sam Nadeem.
  9. When did this happen..? Was all the rest of the running gear checked out to be Ok? You could have easily bent a track rod or similar and as the tread of the tyres reduce any issue will become more pronounced. I worry that your rears have only 1mm above the 1.6mm bump. Whilst maybe road legal they will provide a lack of grip, especially, in the wet, going round a roundabout for instance. Is there any noticeable uneven wear anywhere? On the shoulders? in the centre? Are tyres at the correct pressure? All worth checking. If you are feeling vibrations through the seat the
  10. Agree with oldcodger. There are adjustments at each rear wheel and under the handbrake inside the car. The wheel adjustment checks the position at the drum whilst inside the car takes up the cable slack. Suggest that the rear drums need a look at. Corolla's seem to have a weakness on their brakes. Get rear drums checked, and pads and shoes. Might all need freeing up and or some parts replacing. When was the last time they were looked at? I regularly replace the brake components as it what helps you stop! That and tyres.
  11. have heard that the abs unit can get an airlock in it and that only way to get rid of it is bleed the system under pressure to force air block out.
  12. Gear crunch, probably between, third and fourth, is a weak spot on T sports. A gearbox oil change usually does help but longer term a replacement box, and clutch at the same time is the long term solution. There is a hybrid box around that makes sixth longer than it it and help fuel economy. I find 5th and 6th little difference and keep trying to change up from 6th into the next gear as well....which isn't there!!
  13. Try Sam Nadeem of SJ Autosport...have a look on Facebook. He breaks T sports and the like for a living. He can provide a full exhaust for you.
  14. There are lots of parameters that determine whether lift engages.....oil pressure, oil temp, lift bolts condition, water temp, o2 sensors etc Suggest you get codes read and contact Sam Nadeem of SJ Autosport and see what he can suggest.
  15. Contact Sam Nadeem on Facebook of SJ Autosports. He is the UK breaker for all things T sports. He sold me a seat base for £40 and it's easy to replace the base. I then got a local firm to weld a new, stronger, pin onto the old base in case it goes again. Always seems to be the driver's seat as well....probably 'cos it's moved the most.
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