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  1. Removed the fuel tank from my hiace (LH113-0070451) today as there seems to be a leak. Tank is okay but pipework is not! can you tell me if the evaporation tube 77026-26040 and tube sub-***** fuel tank vent 77017-26130 are still available and if so how much they will cost? Thanks
  2. This happened to me last week! managed to find the broken peg and superglued it back on. Don't know if it will last though...
  3. You are right about this but unfortunately no one asked me whether I had a D4D before selling me a Towsure bracket for my tourer. I fitted it today; I had to 'trim' one of the brackets slightly to ensure that the exhaust tail pipe didn't knock against it. I know this sounds a bit dodgy, and I shouldn't be messing with a type approved piece of kit, but there is still plenty of meat left on the bracket; it is made out of 10mm thick steel. Stephen
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