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  1. elo mate,the yaris is suffering from the AC drain pipe blocking if you have air con then this could be your problem.if you have get back to me and i can talk you through checking it and unblocking.
  2. no probs mate,and yes oil will run out so need something to catch it in.we have a special oil filter tool supplied by toyota which also undo the petrol engines metal oil filter as these are exactly the same size.
  3. shreevy

    Creaking Doors?

    hi ya guys i work for toyota and can confim that this is a common problem,in the toyota bulletin it shows ur certain ares on the door check strap to grease.But as some1 rightly said if your car is in warrenty then yes toyota will replace these. its not the hinges though its the check strap
  4. this is a very common problem,and the switch can be basicly be anywhere in the boot as its upto the person fitting the sensors to put it in. just a clue though it will be somewhere fairly close to the reverse light as this is where the parking sensor control module gets it power from. hope this helps in the future
  5. hello mate i work for toyota and we never undo the 14mm (A),because they often round off just undo the whole lot,remove the paper filter and rubber o ring then clean up and refit parts in reverse order hope this helps.
  6. its not very common for a cv joint to go on a yaris or any toyota
  7. try a little bit of lube wd40 etc,then wiggle it abit and if in dout give it a clout
  8. i work for toyota and when i fit a set of parking sensors i do take the rear bumper off because just gives u more room and you can make the wiring nice and tidy without damaging anything. to remove the rear bumper you need to remove the plastic trim rnd your boot catch and behind there you will see 2 10mms at either end of the boot corners remove these then there is a screw in each arch and about 5 slips under the car then just pulls off.
  9. no the later petrol engines dont suffer from the oil consumption.
  10. i work for toyota and just thought i would comment on your leak problem,as most of you know there is a fault with the door seals so these should be changed but when the are changed there are certain places where the need to be fitted on the seals there will be a coloured dot this should be matchd 2 a small dot on body of the car at the top.If they are not fitted in the correct postion they can still leak. Also there is another fix which is a small rubber weatherstrip that is placed above the door seals. hope this helps
  11. shreevy


    i work for toyota and can tell you that this is a very simple job, should take no longer than 10-15mins to complete. All you do is removed the upper and lower steering coulings and undo 2 nuts to drop the coloum down and replace 2 plastic spacers.