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  1. Hello ppl, Just wondering if there`s any interest in tuning goodies among the 4age boys. The UK is a bit of a lame duck compared to the US, Aus etc, and if you can find anything of interest it`s waaaay !Removed! expensive. If there was enough interest, I could get some very good deals on cams (Kent, Piper), adjustable cam sprockets, lightened flywheels, blah blah. All top quality but at a FAIR price (important). I`ve been making this sort of stuff for years and I`d like to get into stuff for the 4ag, although I suspect it`s a dying market. This has been in my head for months now, but this is my first bit of market research. If I don`t ask I`ll never find out, sooooooooo..... What say you?? Len ps I`m legit and not out to scam anyone...
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