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  1. :) Cheers for the comment lads. Drifting Mr2 is very challenging and rewarding. I reckon it's the best car to learn on. I normally do it in Silverstone, cost about £60~110 depends on how much track time you want. Email me if you want to get yourself involved. Note: I have nothing to do with organising the event. :P
  2. I have a KAAZ lsd ready to fit my rev1, then I found I need a shorter driveshaft in order to get it fitted..... Can anyone help me?
  3. ;) that was me... my very first run. soften my rear suspension after that to stop it tail happy
  4. Top video from Brunnchen, eh Tony ← lol... I was really lucky....
  5. One thing to tell you is my friend is a copper. He need to give out a 54section plus other warning to build up his profile and keeping his boss happy.... Shouldn't they review how the police work? I admit I'm a right idiot to drive round town abit fast, I will leave it on the track sir...
  6.' for more info.... Wonder if they will give points..
  7. Hehehe... not that bad then... It's section 59 Seizure. It's £105 to release then £12 every 24hours
  8. When I ask him, he said I will never see it again!!!
  9. I have been warned by a police because I drove abit too fast (without camera proof) near town. I admit I'm a fool. But he told me that the new law has put in place that if any other police stopped me again. I won't see my car again...
  10. I wonder if having walkie talkie for the convoy would be fun.... hmm.... anyone up for it?
  11. Haven't you received my cheque, Ken?
  12. tony4

    Turbo Owners

    21 years old 4 NCB Minor mod Brighton On street parking Fully comp + track day = £950 Dorset.
  13. That is bad news, I was looking forward to seeing that beast in action. :( Are the garage excepting liability or has he been screwed over? ← Half liability, but have to start with a new rev 2 block again. Imagine the new mapping cost from his motec.
  14. Bad news, my mate Raymond has just cracked his engine block and melt 2 2.2l piston during the RR mapping session. I just have to wait for my passanger to come back from Holiday (15th Jan) to confirm his hotel.