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  1. Folks, I'm using weapontech' (Aaron) login. My cav turbo is c20let with fast cams, water injection (mixes fuel and air with screenwash!!) and courtenay cs3 software. Approx 240bhp. And my 4 wheel drive does work, standard 0-60 is 6.4 Oh and it has been well looked after, £4800 spent on engine in last 8000 miles. Looking forward to seeing and racing you all, although me and Aaron are gonna have a head to head cause I'm bored of him talking s%+t!!! Steve
  2. Im a defo for 5th april...also be bringing my mate in the cavalier. He's got the 204bhp and reckons his 0-60 is < 7 seconds
  3. haha my mates got a 2ltr cavalier turbo and wants to come along.....he says he could have us but im not sure, reckon we could do a better time than his old wreck :P
  4. Tell me about it!! Im working near norwich at the moment....originally from Fife. Its a 7 hour drive any time i want to go home!! Il be in Norwich around about the 5th so im keen to go.
  5. This meet still on?? wouldnt mind coming along and seeing wot my TS has got. :)
  6. he said it was e-sure but not 100% sure, i tried them and they would not insure me on a 1.4 VVTI DUE TO MY AGE!!!! MY INSURANCE RUNS OUT ON THE 12TH APRIL, SO FAR I HAVE FOUND £1114 THE BEST PRICE, THIS IS FULLY COMP WITH MAXIMUM NCB, WITH THE PROTECTION OF NCB, this is with direct line! IS ANYONE AGED BETWEEN 17-20 THAT CAN ADVISE ME A CHEAP INSURANCE COMPANY? I AM 19, HAVE A TOYOTA COROLLA e12 1.4 VVTI THANKS :)
  7. Cool, thanks for that guys....seems i just need to look around for a better deal. Just had my tints done this morning and im now gonna go give my calipers a red paint job
  8. 22, been driving for 2 years got 1 yr ncb....£750 for 05 t-sport.
  9. Took my car to a performance exhaust garage today and they quoted me £395 for the full system!!! In two minds now whether to get the tte back box or just go for it and get the whole wack done Either way i wont be able to afford anything til at least next month...getting full tints tomorrow at £150
  10. Its cool, i just manned up and figuered it out....aint that hard took me bout an hour!! All because i dropped one of the spring clips inside the unit doh! Neways all done, thanks guys.
  11. Guys, just about to upgrade all my bulbs on the front of the car. Had a look and it seems a right ball ache, deos any1 know how to take the whole headlight out in a oner??
  12. Thanks for telling me how lucky you guys have been lol. Il just save my pennies i reckon and fork out for the full custom job. Cheers
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