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  1. The 4e-fte engine will drop straight in but of course the wiring here would take a lot, this engine is commonly found in starlet turbos. It's a 1.3 turbo . Very easy to find in Ireland and this engine sawp has been done a good bit already!!
  2. Well I was a mechanic in a toyota garage for over four years and I can tell you that 1.4 D4-D corollas have a timing chain. With regard to replacing these, it may have to be replaced depending on the wear and tear of your engine and if you still to the service intervals because if your car runs low on oil the chain can start a knocking noise however this is very uncommon
  3. well it aint a staight swap as the engine mounts are different, however what would go straight in is the 5efe (1.5 engine) 0f the 4efte (1.3 turbo), if i was you i would nt bother with the 1.6 as there is not much difference but if you wanted a bit more power you could try get a 4efte engine as it will go straight in but the wiring will be a bit different.
  4. Toyota Meet - 10/10/09 Hey guys just making people aware there is a Toyota Meet in Clonmel, Tipperary for the 10th of October. this is not been organised by myself but by someone on
  5. how do you reset ecu?
  6. well lads, how are you getting on? well im just wondering i have a cts-c and i live in ireland and the auld 98 ron isnt that available so i was thinking of getting it remapped but i want to ask the experts here what do they think. would i lose power?
  7. well all, id be fairly interested in this also, have my t sport compressor or my g6 so whichever ill bring along. Mite know a couple of others that would come also. Any help required let me know, im in the meath/dublin area!
  8. well all, heres one for you. First year insurance on 1.3 corolla 4500, 2nd year 3600, 3rd year after getting my full licence 2400, 4th year 1200 so now im on my 5th year and i upgraded 2 a 06 plate t sport compressor and its only 750 fully comp. Taking into consideration im 24 and insurance in ireland is a joke.
  9. well i was in my local toyota garage the other day and i know the lads well. they were telling me you can get a connection now that is used on the new toyotas that will do the old. basically you take out the radio and it fits in at the back, the wire from this sits in the glove box and then you can just hook up the mp3 player/ ipod. that means then its not out in the open for everyone to see. hope this hepls. i think they said it was about 150 euro, but over in your neck of the woods its probably a lot cheaper. it is a little expensive but its meant to be a very tidy little modification
  10. ah i dont think id bother doing much with it, probably just upgrade the discs and pads. i had a few modifications i wanted to do but ive decided now just to keep it standard. the auld exhaust one has come up before alright but is it the cat that seems to go.
  11. just another question also whats the buzz with the brakes, they are not exactly brillant, would people recommend ungrading the disc's and pads or what do you think?
  12. well lads and lassies, i picked up my t sport compressor last week and im delighted with it. however the warranty expires in a couple of months and im just wondering what common faults is there with them so i can get them done becfore it expires. i used to work in the local toyota garage so they should be able to sort me out, any help would be appreciated!!! thanks in advance
  13. yea well with a bit of luck i will, ill try get a few pics up after a few little minor modifications. thanks everyone for all your help!!!
  14. well lads, just like to say thnks for all the replies in relation to the topic, ive put a deposit on one so hopefully will pick it up on thursday. and sure if i go for it ill put up a couple of pics. oh by the way its a compressor
  15. Can you get 98 Ron petrol for the compressor in Ireland huh? what do you mean by 98 ron, does it not just use normal petrol?