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  1. thanks for that! clutch works a treat now!!!!
  2. Nothing like the sound of a rally car on the road.

  3. hi, i have a GT4 carlos sainz celica GT4 and i have just put a Exedy clutch into it, now i start the car and cant get it into gear (i drained the clutch fluid). so im bleeding the system and its going well until i see no bubbles in the clear tube i lock up the bleed nipple, start it up and still wont let me into gear. when i press the clutch HARD it will then let me go into gear, how can i remove any air bubbles that could still be in the system?
  4. hehe ive got a celica Gt4 carlos Sainz Model Number 2621 and its only done 43000 miles! even though ive had the car for only 2 years i am still in love with it! but now the clutch has gone (lent it to my dad and he drives a automatic BMW!) and the drivers side wheel bearing is starting to creek abit (225/40R18 would made a wheel bearing strain abit) but ive just put a BLACK AND CREAM leather interior,7'' and 4.2'' LCD Tv screen with GPS and changer, 12'' 550w subwoofer with 2 6x9'' speakers which run on 250watt and it has blue neons all around (the interior pedals light up blue), carlos sainz custom front bumper, im going to get a CT20b turbo and a front mount intercooler and hopefully a blitz ECU Fingers crossed!
  5. Azzam

    St185 Remapping?

    ok thanks for the repiles, ive got a manual boost controller but i have not put it on the car because i dont know how to rig one up, can anyone give me a guide on what pipes go where when i put it on?
  6. Azzam

    St185 Remapping?

    ok thanks for the repiles, ive got a manual boost controller but i have not put it on the car because i dont know how to rig one up, can anyone give me a guide on what pipes go where when i put it on?
  7. hi, ive got a Ceica GT4 carlos sainz and im going to change the cutch on it but it thourt as the engine is out i may aswell get more bhp such as more the battery in the boot and putting a improved air intake kit..... im thinking of gettin the ecu remapped as i have heard that you can get it up to 300bhp..... has anyone remapped a standard gt4? and ifso is it work it, i mean can you feel the difference?
  8. okay its abit of a 'boy racer' question but is the celica gt4 jap import limited to a top speed because ive made it hit around the 120mph marker and i know it'll go faster but what speed should it be limited to?
  9. yeah they are good cars, love yours too erm ive got a Peco big bore 2 exhaust and it makes the has sound like its got a turbo :) brakes.........nah ill leave them
  10. oh people it does not get rid of your might weight ur car down abit more but thats all, a car is designed to take power from the alternator when running then the battery charges up...... and your amp powers of both the amp and battery, and the engine only runs power through the alternator so no power is lost....... ive got a 2000w amp 4.2 screen and 6 speakers 8'' ran onto amps and 2 6x9 250watt and one BIG 12'' subwoofer and the car runs like normal if u want to get the performance back (if any lost) just service the car......
  11. ebay is my best bet tbh.....
  12. right heres your problem, the Mr2 gearbox (like my mr2) has a manual line which connects to the speedo ona early model mr2 BUT the celica Gearbox has a Electric speedometer measurer, you can get a adaptor for a Mr2 manual to electric this might work..... im not sure though but im certain that the celica is electric and the mr2 is cable erm utting a celica gearbox ina celica soooooooooo YES it will fit but its big job and id ay aswell put a fast road clutch onit but thats just me
  13. ive just bought some 18'' alloy rims called KONIG unknown and the tyres are 235/40/R18 at the rear and 215/40/R18
  14. erm yea lol but weres the Knight rider lights??????? but i have to admit lol its a good looking Celica, erm have you noticed my name is written on the Air intake????? lol all 3s-ge engines r like that xD my car its got me name onit! ima put a celica Gt4 widebody kit onto it and maybe put a Mr2 Turbo engine or a toyota Camry V6 engine into the front end ive measured it u and they'll both fit but idk what to pick......... Turbo and intercooler or 3 more cylinders???????
  15. Nice choice on Gt4 Model! :D is it the Carlos Sainz model???? its got a plaque near the gear stick, erm id go for a K&N filter, mongoose exhaust, Blitz Supersound BOV, CT20b turbo and lower the car about 40mm (i think i got sax adjustable on mine) and fit 17'' rims