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  1. Hi again Slightly off topic but I agree about an auto. Before I retired I was doing 25/30,000 miles pa. in a Mazda Premacy 1.8 auto. and it was a real pleasure to drive. That car did 215,000 miles in the twelve years I owned it with no major issues - not bad for a petrol engine !
  2. Hi Chris I have owned the same model for three years and like you I was disappointed with the fuel consumption. I have always logged all the fuel used in my cars for many years (how sad is that ?) and overall I get around 32 mpg. On a long run, say 200 - 300 mile round trips, consumption improves to 35/36 mpg but that is about as good as it gets. I spoke to a man in Tesco once who had the same model and he was getting exactly the same figures. Having said that, the plus points i.e. comfort, reasonable performance and reliability outweigh the minimal extra cost as I only do around 6,000 miles pa now I am retired.
  3. Thanks for all the comments. Before starting this thread I was reading a thread on the GT86 Owners Forum specifically about Steven Eagell. Many of the contributors were happy with the deals and the service (especially those that have used the Watford dealership). Those that were not seemed to be the sort of customer that have an attitude problem, using expressions such as "they lied to me" or "tried selling extras I did not want". Perhaps I am being overly cautious, we shall see when my next service comes up!
  4. Not sure about "You only get this successful by putting people first... " - think Tesco and TalkTalk! Frostyballs; That's exactly my concern, they are advertising for sales executives. Being of a cynical mind I can't help feeling that they may have lost/let go? the existing team for whatever reason.
  5. In the past five years I have purchased a new Auris and a three year old Verso from North Herts Toyota at Letchworth. Both the sales and service departments have been brilliant in all that time and I am satisfied that I negotiated two good deals. The franchise has recently been acquired by Steven Eagell who have a number of dealerships in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Has anyone had experience of Steven Eagell and can I look forward to continuing the excellent relationship I have built up with the staff at the Letchworth site?
  6. If it's any help I have a 2009 model Verso (not Corolla). There is a small switch for the sensors just inside the rear hatch on near side at floor level. You may have accidentally turned them off.
  7. camdave


    Hi, We have a 1.6 Auris SR and currently get around 33.5 mpg with mainly short runs up to fifteen miles or so. On a mix of short and longer runs (100 miles plus) we get about 35 mpg. All these figures are calculated 'brim to brim' over 21,000 miles. The computer in the car reads roughly 5% over the actual mpg which is fine unless you are sad like me and have logged every drop of petrol bought in the past twenty five years and 750,000 miles!!
  8. I have a 2009 1.8 manual so I can't comment on the auto box. However as far as the 2013 model goes I think the changes are,as you say, mainly cosmetic. The front end looks smarter and there are more 'shiny bits' inside. The door mirrors have been made a lot smaller to reduce wind noise. There are I believe supposed to be other improvements but if you can get a pre-facelift model at a reduced price you would still have a great car in my opinion. I am happy with the spacesaver wheel in my car.
  9. Thanks for all the replies. Having used Momentum 99 in both cars for the past few months I can't say there has been any marked change in performance or MPG. I think I will ignore the marketing hype, go back to 95 RON and save the money.
  10. I do not want to start a “Are supermarket fuels rubbish” debate; I ran my Mazda Premacy 1.8 auto petrol for over 200,000 miles using Tesco fuel achieving good MPG and with no problems! We currently have an Auris 1.6 and a Verso 1.8 and my question is, has anyone had experience of comparing a ‘premium’ fuel such as Tesco Momentum 99 with standard 95 RON in a non high performance car and did they see any real benefit in MPG or performance?
  11. Last June I purchased a 2009 model Verso 1.8 petrol (manual) with 15,000 miles 'on the clock'. I am happy with the car in every respect except for fuel consumption. Most of my driving these days is short runs with an occasional 50/100 mile trip and an overall fuel consumption (calculated from all fill ups over eight months) of 32 mpg. I did meet a man in Tesco with a virtually identical model who also reckons around 32 with 34 mpg on a longer run. I had expected realistically around 35/36 overall, the same as our 2008 1.6 Auris - any comments?
  12. Hi I am considering buying a 2-3 year old Verso i.e current model. Is the auto worth considering? We need petrol as it will be a second car doing only around 5,000 miles each year.
  13. Hi all This has been discussed before but I thought it would be useful to have some hard figures for anyone considering a service plan; we are paying over 35 months. I have today signed up to a further three year service plan on my 2009 Auris SR (bought new) as follows; Total cost, including three MOTs = £650.00 Breakdown as quoted by dealer; 40,000 £238.00, 50,000 £129.00, 60,000 £308.00, 3 x MOT £165.00, Total 'list price' £840.00 gives a saving of £190.00 However you look at it I think this is a fair deal.
  14. Hi Donald We have had our 1.6 SR Auris for nearly two years now. Having recently retired we have only done 8,500 miles (used to do 25,000 p.a.) but so far we are more than happy with our choice. For: looks smart, very comfortable for long distance, goes well - but see below. No problems so far except pedal recall issue which was sorted out with no fuss and the 'squeaky brakes' issue which was again sorted under warranty as a known problem. On the downside the only thing of any note is the fuel consumption which at around 36 mpg is a little lower than I hoped. This is due to the fact that the engine is just a tad underpowered but it still goes well enough on the motorway. The current, revised 1.6 has a little more grunt and is slightly more economical. Hope this helps.
  15. Hi All I'm trying to find out the maximum height of the drivers seat on the 'old' Avensis hatchback/estate i.e before the current 2009 version.I could go round the dealers with a ruler but thought I would see if anyone on the forum could help first. My Mazda Premacy and nearly new Auris measure approx. 580 mm from the ground to the leading edge of the front seat when it is set in its highest position. I am asking as I am trying to draw up a short list of cars to replace the Premacy and need high-set seats. (the Verso is already on my list) As an aside, why do manufacturers never give this information - yes I know you can go to a dealer and sit in the car but it would be helpful if this was in the brochures.