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  1. can you take your driving test in this car?
  2. Yes, this is what I'd read as well. Lots of attention in the press because of it's price and the Aston Martin brand, and it has a knock-on affect upon the iQ which I'm thinking is positive? Sue
  3. yes its true :( my iQ is going back to my main dealer for nearly £3k less than I paid for it 8 months ago - so much money lost! Whoever said Toyota's hold their value?! My driving school is in turmoil - having to use a much older car to teach in until I can afford to buy a MINI. I've attached my press release, not that it's made a sausage of difference. The DSA have been so unfair, picking on the lovely iQ just because it's different and special. Good luck everyone! PRESS RELEASE The Driving Standards Agency’s (DSA) ban last month (October 09) on taking the driving test in Toyota’s forward-thinking, 5 star Euro NCAP rated, environment-conscious model, the iQ, is putting small businesses at risk and compromising the safety of learners, driving instructors and examiners, argues Warren Openshaw, founder of 5Drive. On 7th October 2009, the DSA’s technical department made the decision to preclude the Toyota iQ, with immediate effect, from the practical category B car test, based on concerns raised by a sole examiner about “the lack of adequate vision to the rear sides when negotiating left turns”. The DSA’s risk assessment to support this decision was carried out in a static iQ inside a Toyota showroom, conditions which could hardly be compared to a typical driving test. Furthermore, the risk assessment report was illustrated with computer enhanced library photography of the original concept car, lifted straight from the Toyota website. Safety is a key issue for any Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and choosing a vehicle which is suitable for teaching new drivers is not an impulsive decision. Having researched a number of car models for his new driving school, 5 Drive, Warren came to the conclusion that the iQ offered good all-round visibility, best in class safety features, and low emissions. To be certain that it met the requirements of the practical driving test, he sought advice from the Driving Standards Agency’s technical department who assured him that, although a new model, the iQ was suitable for the practical driving test, and that only convertible models had ever been precluded from the test in the past, for example the Mini Convertible. What they did not tell him was that with one examiner’s concerns, the car could be banned and his business would be left vulnerable. At just over three metres long, the iQ is compact, but built for safety; the rigorous NCAP tests earned the car a score of 91% and a glowing five star safety rating. The shortness of the car means that, in many cases, the view you would normally see through the rear side window of a more traditional car can be seen directly through the rear windscreen, leading to visibility every bit as good as any other new car. The DSA’s argument that the view is ‘severely restricted’ by a metal panel is one that, in an impartial arena, will have to be applied to more and more new cars as bodywork is strengthened and additional airbags are incorporated into the car’s structure to meet today’s stringent safety requirements. The decision to preclude the Toyota iQ from the practical driving test has left 5Drive in a position where tests are now taken in students’ own cars, which tend to be older vehicles with lower NCAP ratings and which, naturally, are not equipped with dual controls. As well as safety, the green credentials of the company are being compromised. “We have based our business model around the iQ, its impeccable safety features and its green credentials,” says Warren. “In a split second, the DSA has been able to put my business at risk.”
  4. Hi Pompey Gas, You say you’re currently between Cars, which ones? Are they good looking or bad? :group-cuddles: Ps well said mains.
  5. I’m so happy I went for the iQ, as a driving school car it’s done tremendously well. With over 20 people (and counting) having driven the car I’ve had 100% positive feedback. As for the business, things have never been better. Loads more referrals than I’ve ever had. Mostly due to all the “young people” absolutely loving the looks of the funky fun iQ. This would never have happened with a Suzuki, Ford, Citroen etc......,,,
  6. 5drive

    Positive Iq

    Sorry no “happy pills” here, just love my iQ. I do understand that most happy people just get on with enjoying there car, I just thought it would be nice to have one positive thread! Just had my 1st pupil pass there test today (this amounted to lots of natural happiness), even the examiners were very interested in the iQ. Must admit I’ve never owned anything that’s perfect, and I’m sorry to hear that some of you have problems with the car. I do still believe there’s lots of happy iQ’s out there!
  7. So, tomorrow’s my big day with the iQ - first pupil to take their test in Oxford. Everything’s going really well and they have a good chance of passing. But... the first time pass rate is only 34%!!! I wonder if they’ll be the first person in the UK to do so? Anyhow I’ll let you all know how it goes – keep your fingers crossed, please.
  8. 5drive

    Positive Iq

    Fantastic! So pleased there are people who absolutely love their iQ. I must say that reading positive things makes me all warm and cosy inside, yummy. Personally, getting in and out of the car is in my top 5 things I love about the iQ. Thank you so much for your positive thoughts.
  9. have not seen another iQ yet!! Waving is nice, yes that’s what I’ll do, oh and maybe a little sigh “oh no I’m not that special any more."
  10. 5drive

    Positive Iq

    YES!!! Bring it on, I to have no scratches, and I don’t mind little teeny weenie yellow indicator light bulbs either!! Owe no I’ve done it now.. whoops :hokus-pokus:
  11. 5drive

    Positive Iq

    Well are these forums designed for moaning!? Yes.., yes..., yes the 2nd gear is a little hard to get in to ( one must make a proper “Γ” movement ) BUT everything else is fantastic. I love my iQ as so does everyone else that drives it, 15 and counting ( I’m a driving instructor ) I say BIG up the wonderful car. So I ask, please could we not have some Positive threads!? Lots of people look and ask “what’s it like” and I say...,,,, “FANTASTIC!”
  12. Hi 5 :D if you ring back guildford toyota, ask for lizzie in the service dept, she will know everthing that needs to be done :D thanks, I'll try this mystic Lizzie on monday!
  13. Sorry I don’t understand what your saying. The pictures are really weird, What’s this about a "premium car" thing, maybe £120,000 but maybe not £10,000?
  14. Exactly the same thing has happened to me. I even rang Guilford and they told me “we know nothing about this.” The 2nd gear thing isn’t to bad, I just hope I gets better.
  15. YES!!! A fantastic first day teaching in the iQ. I could bang on for ages..,, but will try to keep it short. One bad thing though I’ve got the dreaded NOTCHY 2nd gear thingy, but will be fixed on Friday..,, hopefully. Everyone loved it “ yummy” being the most used word. The manoeuvres were a joy. Loads of people pointing “what the ..., is that!” I had a big :D on my face all day, having fun whilst learning to drive - fantastic. Thank you, Toyota!! My ford boring focus is well and truly buried.
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