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  1. Hiya all I still have Reggie, the gearbox has not been any trouble since it was changed. So I believe the moral of all this is if you don't think you got what you bought perseverance until you are satisfied most dealer want to keep their customers happy. Reggie has only done 35000 miles and we still love him and wouldn't change him as he does everything I want him to. Altho I now hav a mk2 MX5 for a toy. I haven't been on this sight for a bit just checking in take it easy Noddy2.
  2. Hiya all Noddy2 back again starting to get cold again Reggie's(Crunchie's) gear change is still brilliant, had to have all new wheel nuts under the warrantee as they were very rusty cant get over how cheap the little car is to run still on the original tyres even, before this Yaris I had bigger cars and had to have new tyres most years on the Lexus the were a minimum of £150. each. Hope you are all ok and your gear canges are still good. It is only 32 sleeps till Christmas......
  3. is there another recall ?

  4. Fitted the cable today all works ok ( play's and charges my 120gb classic ) all sounds good although a little slower to navigate than I would of expected good tho a lot better than flash drives. I put my cable into the main glovebox that way no holes were needed as it enters over the back. It was as easy as this thread states and done in about an hour. Thanks alfiejts brilliant stuff, Noddy2 Have just got a 5th gen 16gb Nano the radio sat nav read and played it very well but I had to get a Scosche Pasport, which plugs inbetween the Nano and the ipc107p cable to make it charge. Apple in their helpfullness have apparently not connected the firewire terminals on the 4th & 5th gen Nano's so a lot of docks and car audio comes up with, charging is not suported with this accessory. on the ipod.
  5. no not a trade seller just a bid option kept looking and got lucky hope you get sorted too
  6. Have tested Reggie (yes Mrs Noddy2 got her way) now for a couple of weeks and the gearchange is still spot on. Also I have been lucky enough to get an Ipc 107p ipod cable off of ebay for a good price so I will soon be wired for sound when I get around to fetting it. Mind you he will still be Crunchy in my eyes a bit like people are still called Ginge when their hair has gone White.. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL Noddy2
  7. Crunchy has been in for his surgery !! picked him up this morning it was very cold and had to de ice the poor little chap. Yippy had a new gearbox fitted only drove for a short trip the Dealer wants me to contact them either way to let them know if its to my satisfaction or not. Looks like the re-nameing will be going ahead
  8. Crunchy booked in for the 17th December they want him for about 3 days cause they have to strip the box photo the damage to warant the gearbox being cheaper than replacement of bits Manager Blokey doesn't think there will be a problem. only had to wait till 17th cause thats the soonest the have a car for Mrs Noddy2 and me for that amount of time. Whilst Crunchy is under pre opp inspection.
  9. Got hold of the manager blokey asked the outcome of the other ladies modded gearbox he was under the impression that it was ok so he is going to re apply for a new box for Crunchy he will contact me next week to keep me up to date. Not given up hope yet !!
  10. Hiya there Crunchy has had the modded gear selectors which has greatly improved the gearchange but it didn't fix it as much as you guy's & galls have been saying but now the lady who has the same problem but has not had her gearbox stripped has now had the mod done. The manager I am dealing with has been away but he is back tomorrow so I will be on the phone to see if she is happy cause then (if she is) I can get a replacement box sanctioned as it is then a fault with the Gearbox or the way they first stripped reassembled and made worse. Keep you all up to date Noddy2.
  11. Hello peoples me again the out come so far is that they wont sanction a new gear box untill another person in our area (funny enough someone I know) who has the dredded crunch has had the mod done to see if it fixes hers if so I get the ok for the new box if not we will go from there I was told by the dealer manager. Keep you posted Noddy2
  12. My local Toyota dealer have contacted me today and have been onto customer relations who I was dealing with explained the situation and are now of the same thought path and have applied to the waranty to be able to fit a new gearbox (with the modifacation) because it is Toyota's usual practice to strip examin and reasemble it is in their hands. I am still confidant that it will get sorted to my satisfaction eventualy.
  13. Picked up Crunchy today the service engineer said that the work was carried out to Toyota's specification when he phoned and told me it was ready, I drove it out of their forcourt onto the road did a U turn and back to see them it still crunched into 2nd altho the gear change was smoother. After discussion with the service engineer and the after sales manager they are going to contact the customer relations person I was dealing with then get back to me I have been telling them since the gearbox was stripped it has been worse. Hopefully they will fix it soon. I also want to thank GOODISON for the help given. Cheers Brian
  14. Didnt get Crunchy back today the dealer found a crack on one of the other selector forks so they asked me if I minded keeping the loan car till monday when they expect to have the replacment part. The 58 Yaris I have on loan is slightly better than Crunchy's gearbox. Do any of you lot have a strange noise when reversing fairly quickly ? Crunchy did but the 58 car doesnt getting dealer to check that out too while the have got it. Keep you posted Noddy2.
  15. Dropped Crunchy up tonight being worked on tomorrow they will ring in the afternoon if all is OK. Her indoors thinks Reggy is a good name but Crunchy doesnt like it. Will keep you all posted on outcome.
  16. Thanks. I have been on the link and for some reason they dont ship to the UK so I will keep trying other options.
  17. Finally got my car booked in but not till 9th october and the want to keep it all day and let me have it back on the saturday morning so the can check it out in totally cold conditions. The service engineer wants to make sure its spot on cause mine is their guinea pig car. The reason it is so far away is because of the use of a curtosy car for myself and Mrs Noddy2 Cant wait now Crunchy will soon be fixed
  18. Hello alfiejts I have been trying to get a ipc-107p cable fron ebay amazon and the like and cant find one under £65. without postage (which is almost as much) where did you source yours from? Your research into it and fitting report is brilliant thanks. Noddy2
  19. Hi all again today I dropped into my Toyota dealer on the way past now due to the demand they are having a delay in getting the parts for Crunchy's gearchange mod I am happy for all of you who thought it was only an inconvieniance and not a problem who have or having yours fixed while I have had to write letters emails endless phone calls, to have my gearbox stripped put back together have Toyota Technical team drive and inspect with no improvment. Poor Crunchy is worried that his name is going to change and is feeling happy at the same time he is going to be loved more when in the near future he will feel more comfortable shifting gears when he is cold.
  20. My Yaris (Crunchy) is april 2008. With my gearbox it is really only bad on cold running changing from 1st to 2nd gear fairly slowly as in trafic the gearchange is stiff and there is a disturbing crunch. If you pull away fast and change gear fast or the car is hot, mine is fairly well ok. I live near loads of traffic lights so I nearly always get the crunch.Hope that helps you.
  21. I phoned Loders Toyota yesterday they have ordered the bits already and will contact me as soon as they are in. keep you lot posted.
  22. Hope your right I will ring them tomorrow.
  23. So you dont think that the gearchange can be fixed. Not that Toyota just dont want to spend the time and money to put it right because they know that they can bluff their way out of the problem because its only a hinderance and not a safty issue. But I still would not of bought the car if it was like it on road test. There are a lot of cars that size and price around.
  24. Sorry about the spelling yesterday had a few cider's
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