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  1. for me it's 3 things: 1- the rattles - the centre console on my car creaks and rattles non-stop - all the time, it drives me and the mrs mad. 2- the noise from the suspension - it's very, very loud at times. 3- the cheap and nasty interior plastic quality - my door panels are scratched to buggery from only very light contact, shocking that this passed the QC test.
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    Chrome exterior + white interior = the hardest car in the world to keep looking clean
  3. mine has been noticeably noisy since day 1. tbh, I'm sure the Aygo suspension was less noisy....literally my 1st day of driving I remember thinking "*****, that's loud" it may just be normal (as it's ALWAYS been like it) I'll certainly ask Toyota to check when it's serviced next week. I'll also be asking them if Toyota have changed the door panels yet....I want mine replaced (as they're scuffed all over due to cheap plastics used)
  4. So I'm not the only one! my IQ2 makes a horrendous amount of suspension noise when on slightly bumpy roads....I just thought it was normal.....so is it actually a fault? I'll be mentioning that when I'm next in. For the record - mine's been like that since day one....I noticed it immediately. When travelling over packed pockets of ice last month it was horribly noisy.
  5. Hate to say it, but if a little scratch on the dash annoys you, just wait until your seatbelt clip/arm/any part of the anatomy connects with the door trim! :censor: My door trims are tatty as hell already, something I've NEVER had to put up with before.
  6. I'm pretty sure they stay on until you open the driver door, I could be wrong but that's how I remember it happening (though I've never sat in the car at night to test!)
  7. I'm happy to report that after a spate of gear "crunches" (rather than changes) from 3rd to 2nd and an apparently unsuccesful fix by Toyota, after 3500 miles the problem seems to have all but dissapeared.....very odd. it does very occassionally get stuck, but it's very rare now.
  8. is this is true, I will be demanding the door trims be replaced....the garage are well aware how angry I am about the crappy plastic door trim (I had a go at them again yesterday)
  9. BTW - your girlfriend did a real number on your door handle! that's a massive gouge she's ripped out (just above the silver speak mount) shows how !Removed! easy it is to shred the panels. can anyone confirm - do the newer models have plastics that are as easily marked? (though looking at your IQ I assume it's a new model)
  10. that doesn't list as working on plastics......I might give it a try though as it looks like it's removed the "white" from the scratch (which is the biggest eye-sore!)
  11. For me it's only 1 thing, but it's a biggie. Yes, it's the interior plastics.....I want something hard wearing, the current set up isn't.
  12. I would! at best i think they should have made them 3/4 car colour, bottom 1/4 chrome. they're too glaring all one colour.
  13. I believe the rest of the video to be faked (he's loosened everything in that IQ!) but the scratching is very true. you only need to look at some of the photos on this forum to see proof. My driver side door is very tatty already due to scratches from what I don't consider to be scratch inducing knocks.
  14. that video illustrates the problem with scratches perfectly. Look how easily he marks the door panels with light rubs from a finger nail. and those marks are permanent. that makes me shudder to watch!
  15. my centre console is a rattle drum! if you run your finger across the front side you can hear how hollow it is! any bumps in the road and it creaks and groans like mental!
  16. It's got to be a problem with every car, it's simply due to the type of plastics used. a bit stupid really, they've put easy to scratch plastics in a car (what the hell they were thinking) Like I said, I compared it to the Yaris interior plastics - they are 100 times more resilient to marking/scratches.
  17. here here! my sentiments EXACTLY. A lot of people on here have advised working around the issue, being careful, adding protection etc, but the crux of it is - why should I? I've owned countless cars in the past, and this is the 1st of any of those where I'm paranoid about even resting my arm on the door panel and have to be almost OCD like in the way I treat her! I really wish more people would complain, strength in numbers and all that!!! Personally, I find it totally unacceptable. I looked at the new Yaris, it's door panels are toughened plastic and don't scratch. By comparison, my door panels are like putty.
  18. My driver side door panel looks really, shockingly tatty after only 4 months of ownership, but Toyota really don't seem to give a damn, telling me (and I quote) "I need to take ownership" (whatever the hell that means) I got one of those surveys too, and needless to say I went hell for leather moaning about the plastic quality! the annoying thing is, compare the quality of the IQ plastics to ANY of the other current Toyota range, they are all FAR more hardwearing. I drove the Verso today (IQ was in getting a squeak looked at) and the plastics on that car are scratch resistant (trust me, I tried!) More than a bit annoyed with this issue, it's the bane of the car if you ask me.
  19. Nice! I LOVE Richard Laymon too.....I was totally distraught when I found out he passed away a few years back.....his books are fantastic!
  20. I'm (real name withheld due to paranoia) I'm 33, live in Basingstoke (a beautiful, rural town in Hampshire) I'm customer service manager for a amenities company (so if anyone wants any Crabtree & Evelyn or Bulgari, I'm the man to bribe) Always loved small cars...previously owned a Lupo Gti (which I miss dearly) and prior to the IQ I owned a humble Aygo. Not much else to say, other than the usual padding about getting married to the love of my life in September this year, and having a cat that pukes on every available square inch of carpet in my house.
  21. having seen the IQ3 at my local dealer at the weekend my thoughts: -Really don't like the silver wing mirrors, I think they look tacky -I notice that this model has the nice 16" rims....bit gutted really as I wanted those on mine and don't fancy shelling out for aftermarket replacements.
  22. definitely nicer looking than the std set up.....I much prefer the symmetry of these type of exhausts....it keeps it from look lop sided.
  23. though it can only hold a bag of skittles, and rattles like a snake, I still love my dash bag, and agree that it would look odd without it.
  24. Drum brakes on rear? eek! If I had those I would have crashed the other day (I almost did, luckily the brakes saved me and the missus from rear ending a van that slammed it's anchors on in front of us)
  25. I'm curious too....the stock wheels are 2" too small IMO! I remember seeing the stock photo (with the other type wheels, 16") and thinking they looked much nicer than what I actually got. Oddly though, the version of the alloy that was shown in the promo shots is only 15" in real life....strange.
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