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  1. Hi keith2785 Couldn't agree more I've been a Gen 7 GT Celica owner for the past five years, and as long as the Silver Sliver remains reliable and generally 'sound', it will not be sold/part exchanged for the foreseeable future
  2. Hi Pete Which window isn't working - Is it the passenger side? If so, you may have accidentally activated the window isolation switch near the ignition barrel Just press it once to activate, once again to de-activate
  3. Hi xEla I like your idea of an AUX adaptor, but the ones found on eBay seem a little expensive @ £28.00 + I'd suggest buying another cassette tape adaptor from eBay, (much cheaper), and save your money for a sound system with a USB input? (I use a tape adaptor myself & find that it's OK for my old ears)
  4. I'm very surprised at your negative response, GIDDLEPIN I have been a member of most Toyota/Celica based forums from 'day one' of owning a Celica and have posted and hopefully, 'helped', on all of them to a certain extent Put it like this, if Russko's situation was reversed and he was a C-Cuk member having trouble joining TOC, I would have advised and acted exactly the same If this help has to be conducted via PM's, then it's starting to become a very sad world and not a very nice TOC forum The worst thing is, is that I personally asked a senior C-Cuk Member to assist Russko, and his very prompt and kind reply here was apparently, 'sniped' Embarrassing for this forum, myself, Russko and the helpful C-Cuk/TOC Member We're all car owners and we all need a little help/assistance/guidance from time to time That's all I was attempting to do, give a fellow member a bit of assistance/advice
  5. Hi Russko The gearstick gaiter is a custom-made order with red-stitched leather and the 'GT' logo The handbrake handle is original, but also has a red stitched leather gaiter/cover Both were a little fiddly to fit, but not too difficult The only other interior mods are Blue LED front/rear footwell lighting and a custom 'Celica GT' logo cigarette lighter cap, sourced by a very friendly and helpful member on another forum/site
  6. That's probably the reason, Russko I know it may be a little difficult, as you're an eager Celica owner, but a small amount of patience may be the answer C-C.co.uk Mod's and Admin's are God-like, but they are ultimately, Human Give them a little time
  7. That has never occurred or will occur, GIDDLEPIN That's just a malicious internet rumour/worm/virus :o C-C.co.uk is one of the most welcoming/informative/forgiving/grown-up/profesional forum's on t'net Most Toyota Celica Owners are accepted Best Tenner I've spent on my Celi'
  8. Hi K16v TRD Spoiler Childseats..... 'Probably the best Childseats in the world'..... (Spoken in a 'Carlsberg Lager' accent) :lol: BTW - I'm working on a Christmas TRD Spoiler pic - just need some decent weather Any update on the Membership, Russko?
  9. Hi Russko I'm very surprised at the delay, it's a superb forum with very efficient/quick/excellent Managers/Moderators/Members They're the best on t'net I've PM'd a C-C.co.uk 'Senior Member' for you, regarding your membership attempt/request Let's see what they have to say BTW My reply is in no way an acceptance and sponsorship of membership appliance
  10. x 2 There are far better gearknobs available that will suit the Gen 7 more I use a Tenzo-R Quickshift Black-Chrome Funkypower.co.uk Pricey, (£41.00 + free p&p), but very good
  11. Hi Russko - Merry Xmas Sounds like your gas struts have had it, as once lifted, the tailgate should stay in place Do you have any warranty on your car? If so, you should be able to get them replaced If not, have a look at this thread on Celica-Club.co.uk (You will probably have to register to view it - Don't worry it's free) Gas Struts If you have or are planning to have a spoiler, you will need the uprated/stronger version
  12. Felfy

    Celica Mats?

    Hi Russko Your local Toyota delership is always a possibility, (but they won't be cheap) eBay is usually a good source for car mats though I've bought 2 sets from there, 1 x genuine Toyota 'Celica' Logo Mats and 1 x third party 'GT' Logo Mats Both were top quality and very hard-wearing items - Details below Genuine Toyota 'Celica' Logo Mats Sourced via eBay from T G Holdcroft Toyota, Stoke @ £44.98 inc. p&p Try this Telephone number +44 1782274504 Third Party 'GT' Logo Mats Sourced from an eBay Seller, but I can't find them on eBay the moment Price £31.90 inc. p&p I do have an email address for him though (PM me if you require it) Hope this helps Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year
  13. Hi paulweller84 These couple of pics should give you an idea, as the Gen 7 GT is fitted with 17" Fondmetal Tech 5's and TTE springs (Overall lowering approx 35-40mm)
  14. EBC's have been recommended to me by quite a few Celica owners Oh, BTW, you could consider joining Celica-Club.co.uk (£10 Annual Membership - Best tenner I've spent on the car) It's a superb Forum/Club, very helpful and knowledgeable Celica owners Looking forward to the pics of your clean GT
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