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  1. I am not sure where you are at, in NY I went to a place which repairs windows and to test it they popped open the panel. They were3 fairly careful to see where it was tight and with a screw driver covered with masking tape they started prying open the thing and then pulled it by hand and did not break anything (also there was a screw somewhere - I think by the door latch which they also removed) in my 2000 camry I can imagine it must be similar to yours - try urself or take it to a place for them to " check it out" its usually free, and u can see how they do it. I was surprised sometimes they will have very low prices in fixing those things. the speakers usually are not broken, its usually a filter that is burned. But if its a speaker, you can buy aftermaker from diff manufacturers. I suggest if you are going to do that buy them the same brand so u have nice sound. Hope it helps Carlos
  2. I have a 2000 camry with about 106k miles on it. I have a friend who is a mechanic and I took my car to him because the check engine light came on. He ran the diagnostics with the obd2 reader and he said it was a code for the catalytic converter, but he said, let me make sure, sometimes its not. Sure enough he tested it with a laser/infrared thing and he said it was operating within parameters and temperature (which he said its the most commong problem) and he used a different machine to test it. he said: "it could be a rolling code, I'll erase it and let me know if it comes back." I drove it for a about 2 weeks and it came back. He tested it again and tested the sensor, got a new catalytic converter and replaced it (didn't charge me) and the problem code was still there. He said: "I think its the oxygen sensor, I have seen it before and I am almost sure it is. The dealer will charge you between 300 to 400 for it (his son supplies parts to a dealer including a Toyota dealer). But he said if you want you can go get it checked out at the dealer, the code I am getting is for the catalytic converter so I will not change the sensor unless you want me to, but the code is not for it." I spoke to a couple of other people and they told me the same thing, its the oxygen sensor, just get it replaced, clear the code and it will not come back. I am inclined to do that unless someone else knows more about it. (its not the gas cap) Also, if it is the sensor (how do I make sure which one - before or after the catalytic converter- he told me the one after) and would it be hard for me to change it? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Carlos
  3. I have a 2000 camry - 4 cyl. - auto. 80k miles on it. The check engine light came on. It has happened before. Usually it happened when I filled up my gas tank. I fixed the cap and the light went away after a few days. Now it came back on and I tried to retrieve the trouble codes by jumping the E1 and TE1 terminals and putting the key and moving it to ON. I had parked the car for about 10 minutes when I did that. The light just stayed on, no codes flashed... I checked the fuel tank cap is securely closed. I have no idea of what it could be, or if in fact it is a problem, how could I retrieve the trouble codes. If anyone has had this experience, could you please share how you fixed this? Any information will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Carlos
  4. Thank you. I think I will do 10w30 summer and 5w30 in winter That seems to be the most reasonable thing to do thanks for the input
  5. I have a 93 camry and my mechanic has been putting 10w40 oil in it for a while now the car has 150K miles on it. Anyone has any suggestion of maintaning that oild? going to 10w30 or other weight or even going with a syntetic blend or all syntetic for the car? any input will be greatly appreciated.
  6. I have a 2000 camry LE but do not have the owners manual. It has wheel covers and one fell off - I am looking to purchase wheels for it now but I would like to get 16 inch rims in place of the 15 inch rims I have now. How would I determine which is the size wheel which whill fit the car? (i.e. 16X6.5) the size of the tire I have in it now is: 205/60r15 91v I will have to buy new tires as well but would like to know how much the rims go for in the 16 inch configuration before I do anything Thanks in advanced.
  7. I ahve a 2000 LE Camry. It has the premium stereo - I was wondering if someone can tell me where I can find information on that stereo. It has a cd/cassette/ am/fm system with component speakers in front and 6x9 in the back. any one knows the specs? poser output frequency response on speakers., etc or can someone tell me where to look? i have been looking on the web everywhere thanks in advanced
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