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  1. All these members & on most of the newbie section only 2 replies, what a shame for newcomers, does not make them feel very welcome!
  2. 51 views but no replies! Friendly place.....
  3. Long shot I know but would love to find original ones for rear as one of mine is missing. Cheers muchly
  4. Just bought a stunning 1989 Starlet, same family for all her life, 76k, full Toyota service history & completely original. Looks awesome on the drive next to the Nissan Sunny One thing wrong, she is missing a mudflap, does anyone have any please? Jaine
  5. Hi all, used to be on here many moons ago with an iQ. Done a lot of different things since & now got a few cars including Nissan Sunny ZX 1.8 twin cam Celica GT4 Toyota Starlet 1.0 1989 Subaru Impreza WRX wagon amongst others. Nice to be back! Jaine
  6. That's outrageous. Stick to your guns & don't let another dealer get away with this sort of thing.
  7. no_data

    Bye Tiq Taq

    Thanks for all the goodbyes. A couple of you have already bought some bits I advertised on ebay. The induction is still there much to my surprise. A saving of over £60 must be a good deal to someone. There are some other bits now too. I now own a 55 Ford Prefect which I totally love. Be good you lot Jaine
  8. 1955 Ford Prefect. Gorgeous Now that is a good reason to sell the iQ & get back into classic motoring.
  9. Exactly the same as Sally, when I booted mine (which was often) it would sometimes go down to 30mpg but when driving like Miss Marple it would do 50mpg! I have to say I was not impressed with the MPG from what was quoted when they promoted it but put up with it because so cute & fun. My Renault 5 which is a 1.4 does between 40-45mpg so I am sticking with that for time being. Jaine
  10. no_data

    Bye Tiq Taq

    Sold my iQ :o shame but as lovely as she was just not what I wanted really so moving on. There was a lot of modifications I put on her that are now on a auction site. I wish you all well & been lovely knowing you all. Enjoy Jaine :)
  11. yeah mine took a while so I think it is where they settle. mine does hit a lot so will check it anyway, as I said i dont mind the flaps hitting but not the underneath. cheers people.
  12. Thanks Sally, my front flaps hit a bit too & it does make you cringe but if there is a bit of an uneven road then the undertray is hitting so may chuck her on the ramps & see if any damage as to where to go next.
  13. Since mine has now settled into place she does tend to hit on uneven roads & in Wales was appalling down some of the roads in the brecons. Also over those square speed bumps in middle of road, I have to go thru middle of two of them. Anyone elses bottoming out? Jaine p.s couple of pics of her in Snowdonia
  14. That is a lovely kit, especially the roof spoiler. See the little covers they have over the wheel arch mouldings, I am getting those in carbon wraps for mine. Also got quote for carbon wrap on bonnet too but not sure I will go for that as a bit common. Jaine
  15. No_data, your exhaust looks cool/crap/ace/rubbish/amazing/original* How does it sound? Any increase in power along with the K&N? *delete if not applicable
  16. If you do a search on lowering or springs in iQ forum you will find so many posts about it with the same questions as yours quite a few times. Save everyone keep answering the same things over & over. Regards
  17. no_data


    Well actually in a car that weighs so little having that few extra horsepower & lowering it so it handles like a go kart is quite a cool idea to me! My exhaust, induction & spring kit have made a lot of difference & it feels & sounds a lot better than standard. I have been tuning the original Mini since 1989 & with even a 850cc engine you can get a real lot of fun just from a stage one kit. It is horses for courses with people & thier cars, I personally dont get why there are so many posts about the naff interior light, you are meant to be driving not sitting reading a mills & boon, but if that is what makes people happy then fine & I dont knock them for it. Jaine oh & if you think it handles well on those springs from the factory, take a ride in one with a lowering kit on.
  18. no_data


    This is probably still my biggest niggle (get over the interior light people) because it flashes so I think I had better not chance it then when I get back in the wee beastie it has two bars back that last ages! Went to Wales recently & used quite a bit of fuel but I REFUSE to have the average MPG display up as you just end up tearing your hair out when it keeps saying 48 most of the time ha ha. Must be my driving.... I have put over £30 in at a time to fill it up too. If it takes 33litres & fuel cost over a pound a litre...Go figure.
  19. This is my exhaust, only pic I got at moment as too busy driving it! Not had stereo on for a week, not sure what is best, the induction noise or the exhaust rumble! might have found a company to re-map the ecu...cool
  20. I drive my car it does not instruct me & yes SciFi Paul I cane mine every now & again too, it's called having fun. Now the induction & exhaust working together it sounds so gorgeous.....yum yum
  21. Halfrauds do some really cool LEDs in white or blue that are cheap but effective. The thing I have is a clip on light on the sun visor that is used by police etc for writing stuff when out on duty in the dark, it can be angled to any direction. Jaine
  22. Fully agree with Sally, do it yourself, much more rewarding standing back & thinking " I did that". Best buy ever is a clay bar though for twice a year to really get muck off & back to showroom shine. Jaine
  23. Luvverly :) She has such a deep growl now & definately quicker on the way up through the gears. My friends find it hilarious such a little car makes such a noise & goes quicker than they thought. I love it.
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