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  1. It did scare me tbh, but then it would anyone!!!!!!! This happened a while ago, the Fire Chief did his report and said it was an electrical fault, because I had Finance on the car, after this event I then refused point blank to pay for a car I could no longer use, also something that wasn't fit for sale (unfit for use act) I was then in lenthly meetings with the dealership/Toyota UK and Toyota Finance, and none of them would admit Liability, so I had no choice but to Claim on my Insurance, to which it put my premium up. I then got the Financial Ombudsman involved and I couldn't ask for a better service, they sent an investigation officer to see the remains for there report , and they confirmed the Fire Chief was right. Toyota UK then sent a independent asesser out but they were not playing ball so to speak, subsequently they then destroyed the evidence and had it crushed, this then made my case with the ombudsman even stronger as they were obviously trying to cover this up. In the end after a lot of going Forwards n Backwards I won my case, they wiped off any outstanding Finance and got £1000.00 compensation, I would always recommend the Financial Ombudsman even if it's just for advice.......
  2. This was the horrific end of my Yaris 1.8 SR. (57-Reg) A couple of days before this event, my fuel gauge stopped working so Inchcape Toyota Sandhurst fixed the issue or so I thought....... As I was driving along the A31 towards Guildford, Smoke started to appear from behind the Dash, by the time I stopped the car it was ABLAZE, luckily I didn't get burned but inhailed lots of smoke.......
  3. paul27

    My IQ3 1.33

    I loved this car
  4. paul27

    My Yaris 1.8 SR

    I was having a real bad day then this happened!!!!!!!
  5. Which means you won’t…! Put everything they say and do down in writing so you have a log of events. I'm way ahead of you on that one T V O R, but cheers anyway But i still cant belive they wanted me to accept the deal replacing my car with a Used IQ, its not even the same spec as mine the damn cheek of it.
  6. Hi all :D I have just had a very interesting conversation on the phone with the sales manager, to resolve this situation (in his eyes anyway). He has just offered me as a straight swap their USED IQ demo which is (the car i've been using for the past month) white ( my car is black ) so its a colour i didn't even want in the first place, the car also has a lot more milage than mine, and its older. :ffs: I feel like i'm a laughing stock at the moment, he told me that if i persued this legally, i would loose, but at the end of the day i've been sold faulty good's, and under the, Sale of Goods Act 1979, Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982, Sale and Supply of Goods Act 1994 and the Sale and Supply of Goods to Consumer Regulations 2002 need i say anymore!!! So i have now contacted Toyota GB over this and have been asigned a Case Manager to come up with a solution for this, but as my topic title say's enough is enough, i just want rid of the IQ altogether & have no more hassle's. So i'll let you know what happens
  7. paul27

    Enough Is Enough

    GOOD LUCK thats all i can say!!!!!
  8. paul27

    Enough Is Enough

    I've been thinking about the brand new Mini Cooper-S Convertable but the john cooper works version or the Alfa Romeo Mito, two very different cars i know
  9. paul27

    Enough Is Enough

    Cheers Boro, But i think i'm going to try a different manufacturer now, i've had a few toyota's now ( Starlet SR - Yaris t-sport - Corolla ) oh and the ill fated IQ so we shall see what the future holds
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