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  1. HI. ALL. I dont know if any one has had heard of this but,do you know your air conditioning system can empty it self.! Strange but true,allow me to explain. We have just picked up the wifes 2007 yaris 1.3 zinc up from the stealers having just had the second years service.so far so good,however we asked the stealer to have a look at the air con as it was blowing warm air,just our luck on the hottest days of the year. Any how on collecting the car we were told it will need `re-gassing`. the car or the missus i thought..So i queried this as we have only done 7000 miles in the two years since buying it new,``WELL ITS FULL OF GAS AND IT CAN EVAPORATE`` said the service receptionist. My concerns were met with `lets see if it has a leak. If not then we cannot claim off toyota for this,so the cost to re-gass is down to me``. £60.00 is the estimate.It is booked in to have it checked in a weeks time. Has anyone else heard of this strange case of empty air con.systems on such a young vehicle and should we refuse to pay as i believe it should be a warranty item. ps this is our fifth toyota and i must say things do seem to be breaking a lot more often. thanks for reading rant over. :D
  2. HI.guys and girls.. First off appolgies if this subject has already been covered ,i did a search but have not found anything similar. so here goes. The misus has a 2007 YARIS ZINC 1.3. The problem we have are the brakes,which,when applied seem to have no effect then will suddenly grab on making for very jerky braking to say the least.I can only describe this like an old mk.2 cortina i used to own back in the day.whoes front brake calipers would seize and needed a good dose of copper slip to cure them.It is impossible to apply the brakes smoothly on the YARIS.. The YARIS is no where as bad as those were, as the YARIS brakes bring you to a good stop in a straight line and are not binding on as the car can easily be pushed.. OH yes i have rang the stealer numerous times and guess what there reply has been.?`` WELL SIR I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THIS BEFORE.`` This is her second YARIS the first we had for six years and never so much as a blown bulb. and most likely the last,oh and i must not forget the CLUCTH JUDDER. again the stealer is unable to fix.... rant over hope someone has a solution. ps .one of the best owners forums out there... regards mickey.j.
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