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    mr2 2.0 non turbo

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  1. jamie's mr2


    mr2 pics more to cum
  2. jamie's mr2

    my mr2 on beachy head

    my mr2 on beachy head
  3. front bumper nt cuming, got mest around, but got a dif one on the way hope it works wiv the rest of car.....

  4. any meats at week end???

  5. The f355 f/bumper comes on the 19th. cant wate.. more pics on the way...

  6. hello there im new to this but i do have an mr2, when is your next meet and were? do you ever have them at lake side and south end???? o have look at my pics of car
  7. hello im new, were are your meets?? :D have look at my car see what you think....
  8. jamie's mr2

    geting sprayd

    in the work shop....
  9. tack a look at my pics

  10. hello every one with an mr2, im new so could any one help me out... iv got an mr2 2.0 non tubo 1991, iv put the f355 side skerts and f/bumper on it and the rear spats, a air in take and japspeed exhaust, its had a spray job white perl, i did my self (job) i want to no what is the bhp on it and what can what ells can i do to make it quicker?? thank you............. :D
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