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  1. My Verso S T Spirit went in for service and MOT two weeks ago and needed two tyres to pass the MOT. It proved very difficult to obtain suitable tyres involving a number of phone calls by the dealership. I am not prepared to be driving up and down the motorway with no spare and little possibility of obtaining a replacement tyre at short notice. I have reluctantly sold the car. A poor state of affairs for a car which was first marketed only 3 years ago.
  2. Well - I have only driven about 10 miles back from the dealership and I did my best to reproduce the problem on the way home but so far I have to say that the car seems much smoother and that the jerkiness on downhill stretches seems to have been eliminated. Fingers crossed but I am optimistic that the fix seems to have worked. Thanks for the tip. M.
  3. Thanks very much for the tip. Have contacted my local dealer and the vehicle is booked in Friday 23rd November. Will let you know what the result is. Regards - Mike.
  4. It normally happens in 4th, 5th or 6th gear because that's when I would normally be driving at a steady speed, but it could happen in 3rd gear in town traffic. Fuel is never allowed to fall below about a quarter of a tank. The car is driven very normally - a mixture of local and motorway - and a mixture of gentle driving and heavier acceleration. For the record, I am an ex company car driver who used to cover in excess of 50,000 miles per annum, and so I am fairly well accustomed to driving.
  5. Have heard absolutely nothing more. I am reducing the problem by changing my driving method i.e either accelerating slightly or taking my foot off the throttle. Steady progress at a constant speed on the flat or a slight down gradient doesn't seem possible. If I hear anything more I will post it straight away.
  6. Been back to the dealer and, to be fair, they have done as much as they can. Took the vehicle on another road test and reproduced the phenomenon - but could find no cause back at the garage. They then road tested another Verso S - same problem. They then road tested a new Yaris - same problem. So this has now been referred to Toyota. meanwhile, I still have a stuttering Verso S.
  7. It's a manual - yes it does reach it's operating temperature - it does mainly longer runs - 40 miles or more. And it's not a fuel issue - this has been happening for quite a time (but recently getting worse) and I do not always use the same filling station or the same brand of petrol.The dealership has sent a technician out with me who agrees that something is wrong. The vehicle is going in tomorrow for a couple of days. Will respond when it comes back. If it can't be fixed the vehicle's days are numbered - it is not comfortable to drive as it is.
  8. I have a 2011 1.33 Verso S T Spirit which has done about 6,000 miles. When driving at a steady speed - say 40 or 50 mph - on a level road or slight down gradient, and maintaining my foot in a steady position on the accelerator, the vehicle develops a type of hunting movement where it feels as if I am putting my foot on and off the pedal. This does not occur if I remove my foot from the throttle or press to accelerate. This is very irritating in that it is not possible to drive smoothly in traffic in these circumstances. Reported this at the last service but was told there was nothing wrong. I am an experienced driver used to driving 50,000 miles per annum in company cars, so I am sure that this is not right. Any ideas please?
  9. maltingsmike

    Positive Iq

    I don't suppose anyone will be very interested in this because the forum seems to be used only by whingers. My Deep Amethyst basic iQ has now done nearly 1500 miles. Overall it has averaged about 56 miles per gallon (worked out by petrol bought and mileage done - not by the gauge). I have had a few white marks on panels but they have immediately wiped off with a damp cloth. I have had no problem whatsoever with the gears. And the engine has loosened up a lot since I had it so that it is now quite nippy when used for the purpose it was intended for i.e. local travel - although it has also done some longer journeys without trauma to the occupants. In short, I am delighted with the car in every way - it does what it says on the tin. What a shame there aren't more fans on the forum. :D
  10. If you look at my posting in the "Positive iQ" string, you will see that my iQ is driven around hilly Devon, has done about 950 miles, and over the last 200 miles (ie since the last fill-up) has averaged in excess of 60 miles per gallon. Could be considerably more of course, but I can't tell because of the bizarrely limited average mpg meter. To be honest, if you can't get a MINIMUM of 50mpg over a tankful of petrol you must be a strange driver - or you spend ages stuck in city traffic and not moving - or you are something to do with Autocar magazine!! (see elsewhere). :)
  11. maltingsmike

    Positive Iq

    I have had my amethyst iQ since the end of February and have done about 950 miles in it. Second gear can be a little notchy but is never a problem. Living down here in Devon, we are used to steep hills, narrow lanes and also good dual carriageways, so the car has had a very varied terrain to cover. Within 50 miles of our last fill-up the average mpg meter hit 60mpg and it has stayed there ever since. I honestly don't think I could get our mpg below 50 if I tried - what on earth are people doing??!! I think the car is brilliant and get a real buzz out of driving it. Haven't had as much fun driving a car since I first had an original mini many, many years ago. Let's have some more positive comments - I'm sure there are plenty of other delighted owners out there. :D