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  1. try this might help http://www.unclepips.co.uk/rav/
  2. Had the same problem work out to be the Rav car battery , fitted new one and all ok so might be worth checking it out ?
  3. http://www.unclepips.co.uk/rav/ Might help?
  4. Driving down the A38 on way to work not a care in the world sun shining drivers window open when I noticed the wind deflector fly off ( shatter easy ) , this was a set from the action site held in with not so sticky double sided tape , anyone recomend a better type if so where from ?? Thanks
  5. Phillgb


    Do the little black tringles just pop off ?
  6. Anyone know how to disconect the alarm on Rav 2.0 2003?
  7. Phillgb


    Ive got a 2003 3 door Rav just wondering has anyone fitted extra speakers if so how and where ?
  8. Phillgb


    Had problems with alarm, worked out was the battery so fitted new one , after 3 weeks when I lock the car pressing button once all ok but if I press lock twice the alarm goes off anyone got any ideas? The answer more then lightly is on the forum but after 4 glasses of rum everythings a bit blurred !
  9. Phillgb

    Rav4.1 Battery

    Had same problem went to battery dealer he fitted heavy duty battery with no problem , cost about 45 quid but that was mates rates
  10. Phillgb

    Rear Seat

    Drop the seat back right down and push it back up again so it is slightly reclined backwards. If that doesn't work try moving the front seat forwards and allow the rear seat to go further forward before trying again the seat back method and giving the rear seat more room to come further forward during the process. Keep your fingers out from underneath! The seat needs to go through the full movement before the mechanism will "reset" itself for sliding back. PS Would you mind adding a bit more detail to your profile so we can see what model you have. I'm presuming this is a 4.2 as we've had this before. Yep that did it thanks :D
  11. Phillgb

    Rear Seat

    Dont know if anyone can point me in the right direction , one of my rear seats wont slide back , looking at it the pull bar is not lifting one side all the way up , is it easy to remove the bottom cover to gain access or is there any other way to get at it . There are two silver sleves one each side and on the jammed side it hits against a tag ( metal) that sticks out ?
  12. Phillgb

    Rav4 Alarm

    Well its been a week since I fitted new battery and had no problems since so looks this was the cause , just got to see if I can get my money back from the garage I got the Rav from . Thanks to eveyone for their help
  13. Changed my battery and Rav is a lot quieter now , the alarm doesnt go off when I remove the key !!
  14. Phillgb

    Rav4 Alarm

    Well next door thinks so !! Thanks for info bout the clips Well alarm didnt go off but then again I got home from work @ 2325
  15. new middle east crisis erupted last night Dubai tv banned the Flintstones , spokeman said the Dubai people dont understand the humour but those in Abu Dhabi do !
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