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  1. i have some tein springs off my pre f/l, they lowered mine 50mm front and 25mm rear, some pics are on my profile.
  2. i bought my t-sport feb 2009 for a decent price on a decent mileage, it was bought through a private sale off pistonheads. a year on and i came to trade the car in against a new vehicle and when the garage did a hpi check much to my shock it came up on toyota finance!!!! the first thing i did was track down the person i bought it off, he admited that he did still have outstanding finance on the car and admitted not telling me when i went to view the car, he stated he will carry on paying the finance on the car and was not willing to clear it in a lump sum. in theory its partly my fault for not doing a hpi myself, but on the other hand the person i bought it off commited fraud by selling the car. I was advised by my solicitor that if i was to sell the car i too would be commiting fraud and could get prosicuted. I could to get the courts involved and prosicute the person i bought it off but in the prossess i would have the vehicle taken off me and lose out, tthen if he is made to pay the outstanding finance he would get the car back and not me as he has payed for it, again making me lose out. When i bought the toyota i signed a recipt saying the date and amount but the previous owner kept this and would obviously not state that he still has it, for obvious reasons. any advise would be much appriciated
  3. i have just done 220 miles in 2 days all on a-roads, the light was on yesterday and i put £25 in at 117.9 per litre normal unleaded, i just got home and checked. i had done 220.9 miles to £25 petrol at average of 43mpg the best i have ever had
  4. msprince that looks a hell of a lot better than the one i got, as i said it has marked my spoiler not just one mark, 3!!!!! where did you get yours from i think it would be cheaper than a towbar. thanks
  5. i have been looking on e bay and places now for towbars then get a carrier that will fit to that, does any one have any pics of a t sport with a tow bar fitted just so i know its not going to look odd/ugly with one on? thanks
  6. i have got one of the racks that fit on the boot lid and i really dislike it due to the bike handles and brake levers scratching and digging into the spoiler. been looking on ebay and a tow bar is around £120 any one think this is a good deal? thanks
  7. is there such thing as a bike rack that is made fora corolla t-sport or is it a case of having a tow bar fit? any help would be much appriciated, thanks
  8. i bought my t-sport in feb 2009 and the milage was on 58000, i have still got the car and is now on 86000. in the time of owning the car i have changed the discs and pads on the rear once, the pads on the front once, an o/s/r brake caliper and thats it apart from the obvious tyres which i put a set of toyos on when i first bought it and now run federal "ditch finders" i would definatly recommend one of these cars to any one as i think most people who own one would, in my opinion a very good looking underestimated car that are bulletproof "touch wood"
  9. as a first port of call i would find and replace the wiper motor relay, just a thought as i thought it might help.
  10. by what i can see the top link is for 5 door and the bottom link is for 3 door
  11. i must admit it has smelt all the time i have owned the car in this situation, same on my previous ts aswell, it was just the biting point and the milage that was a little concern i got told off my garage boss that he would wait till it starts to either slip(which it isnt at the moment)or if it goes totally! i cant do with out a car though so i cant really just wait till it goes!
  12. hi,i would avoid spending £80 on discs and pads, to be honest 15% isnt that bad if you have any concerns i would either get a garage to just have a check over of the front brakes (pads, discs, caliper pistons, sliders etc) if no problems just ask them to put a little copper grease on pads where they go into the pad carrier, or to save hassle if you are mechanically minded i would do it yourself. hope this helps cheers pal, i am going to get the car serviced in two weeks, will ask the garage to take a look at the brake. definatly save you £80 any more, put it towards your service
  13. i was just wondering if any one has had there t sport clutch changed, i think mine is due. has any one bought the kit from mr.t? where is the best place to get a clutch kit from? the problems i am getting with mine is as follows:- the biting point is now when i take my foot off the pedal it smells in traffic, when on and off the clutch a few times the car has done 86000 miles and still on original clutch has anyones clucth lasted longer than this?
  14. hi,i would avoid spending £80 on discs and pads, to be honest 15% isnt that bad if you have any concerns i would either get a garage to just have a check over of the front brakes (pads, discs, caliper pistons, sliders etc) if no problems just ask them to put a little copper grease on pads where they go into the pad carrier, or to save hassle if you are mechanically minded i would do it yourself. hope this helps
  15. i came across this when changing quickly from 1st - 2nd, embarassing when i had a chav next to me with a saxo, tryed again a couple of days later and it felt to me like i was hitting the "gear gate" (or whatever its called) and it was like i was pressing to hard over to the passenger side and it wanted to go over as if i was selecting reverse. a little bit of practise and i got it down to a "T" now, just liking hitting lift from 1st - 2nd.
  16. I have seen the "few" deflector posts but so many different things to go off thought i would just ask myself, got the link now thanks to -T-sport going to order now no matter how chavvy they look to some people im not fussed what other people think they are not just for looks they are effective too, imo!!! :P
  17. i keep looking on internet at random places to get wind deflectors and dont have a clue which are the best ones, i keep hearing heko ones are the best but the "jj automotive" website is i think german website. is there any english ones about? does mr.t do any/are they any good? can any one be kind enough to please give a link if known thanks in advance
  18. that would of been mine in the vauxhall garage in burnley. was selling, forced to keep now. thought i saw 1 on the roundabout going down into the centre. never hardly see any round the burnley area.
  19. not sure on the size difference to be honest, i know that on my 1st t-sport i had the 205/55-16, the tyres did seem to belly out a bit but im sorry i cant remember if grip was improved or not. i am always going to stick with the standard size now as that size was put on for a reason and if the tyre size is changed insurance is invalidated. good luck with the toyos they are definatly recommended or if money allows goodyear f1.
  20. i own a cts and run standard wheels with the 195/55R16 tyres, when i first got the car it had a mix and match set of tyres on so one of the first things i did is get a full set of toyo t1r's. these where absolutly brilliant apart from when they got worn down i got a steering wobble at higher speed, but still would recommend. I have just changed these toyos and due to money situation i went for something cheaper - Federal 595 evo a word of warning - these tyre should come with a warning notice to tell the driver just how bad they really are, compared to the toyo's it feels like im permanantly driving on ice, and the problem gets worse, i cant afford a new set of toyos, DAMN so if any one is looking to change tyre federal are or should be a no go, definatly toyo!!!
  21. i own a 2002 corolla t sport and the heaters are not getting hot, i have been advised to change the thermostat. could any one give me any idea where to find the thermostat? thanks
  22. i just work in skipton, i live in barnoldswick, but im here there and every where all the time, as my milage shows. 20,000 since feburary when i bought car!!! u will have to just come over some time as it will be free to check ur suspension and i would like to have a proper look at a yaris t sport. either that or no doubt i will be over cruise sometime, its same in my case im the only corolla that goes to any meet i even went down a massive meet in telford near birmingham last week and must of been 200 cars and no tsport in sight apart from mine
  23. correct me if wrong, i think that "weld" mark isnt a weld i think it looks like a burn mark possibly from gas axeing the old drop links off i think thats what it looks like anyway, if it is that i would worry too much just paint it with some underseal so doesnt rust sooner than wanted.
  24. i been to keighley cruise once but it wa a lil s***e, mostly go over burnley way, one on every saturday over in bacup it gets quite busy with a few nice cars and a few crap ones! :P where bouts u from, do u use the hi-q in ur area? there one in leeds opening soon thats state of art and im not just sayin this but it is cheap prices!!!
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