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  1. I can't do that with my 2020 JBL. It peed fuel out of the filler!😯
  2. My 1.4 2005 Corolla has never drunk oil. I think Cryker is correct. It's the bigger engines that have the problem.
  3. You can't rely on the MPG readout to be accurate. Only way to get true figure is to fill to brim, drive, and then fill to brim taking note of how much fuel you've just put in.
  4. I was going to fill up my car with petrol. Lots of driving to do the week after the end of the world.
  5. I'd guess this was caused by a previous owner putting their lighter there. Sliding across the plastic and scratching it every time they turned the wheel.
  6. I drive like an undertaker, so I have no idea what any of you are talking about!
  7. I get around 360 - 380 miles from a tank full before I get the light. I don't fill up very often, unless I'm doing a long trip. Put 20 litres in at a time these days. Less weight to carry around. 2005 Corolla T3 1.4
  8. I'm shocked that the Auris doesn't have a button to lock all the doors, like the Corolla does. Backward step?
  9. Toyota Insurance was more than double what my current insurer quoted me. For me, it just wasn't worth it.
  10. HI Clagnuts Just out of curiosity...if the throttlebody was clogged up...how would one fix it??? Im thinking spraying a can of Wynns Carburettor cleaner may be??? Sammy That's exactly what the break down guy did to my old Skoda when it had these symptoms. It was temporary fix, I did get it stripped down and cleaned more thoroughly by a garage a few weeks later. I have no idea if the Corolla has the same sort of throttle body. It was just a suggestion of what it could be.
  11. 2005 1.4 T3 Corolla, renewed in October for £193 fully comp.
  12. Are they changing the centre dash layout? The Yaris I had yesterday was brand new 60 plate with 1700 miles. I thought that was the latest version. Not just the centre dash that I didn't like. The quality of the plastics in the cabin seemed very cheap and nasty to me. While I was waiting to collect my Corolla, I had a look around the new cars in the showroom, and the same sort of cheap plastics were on other cars.
  13. Took my Corolla in for a service today. They have given me a Yaris TR as a courtesy car, and I really don't like it. Biggest gripe is the speedo in the middle of the dashboard. I also think the plastic trim feels very cheap. The centre console wobbles about! Last year I got an IQ car to play with, and I think that was much better. Is this the way new Toyotas are going? Is the cheap trim to save weight? I understand making the speedo in the centre means they don't have to change it for RHD/LHD vehicles, but it just feels so unnatural to me. Glancing to the left to see what speed I'm doing.
  14. I'm more worried about the hamster and the mouse. Has Mr Nice phoned the RSPCA yet? I believe they have an automotive department.
  15. OK, I'll ask the stupid question. Does A/C heat as well as cool?
  16. That is terrible. Do you think the insurance will pay out for total loss?
  17. Try adjusting the switch in the middle of the roof. I've done it myself, where I've accidentally knocked it into the off position.
  18. And probably a naf clutch from the old geezer who had it before you riding it until the car was full of smoke That's disableist or something! Anyway, judging by the name of the previous keeper, I think it was an old dear. I think the car hadn't been over 50mph, until I bought it!
  19. I get an average of 39mpg with my 1.4 Corolla, without even trying over lots of short journeys. Notice a massive difference if I'm doing 70mph, but around here mostly A roads, so rarely going over 60mph.
  20. Thanks for all the replies. Passed it's MOT today without a mention of the cracked fog light. Is it an easy DIY fix? Just that I'm not good at DIY. What's involved in replacing the lens?
  21. When cleaning my car at the weekend, I noticed that one of the front fog light lens is cracked. The light still works, but I was just wondering if it's likely to fail it's MOT for it and how much it's likely to cost for a repair with Toyota?
  22. My 2005 1.4 T3 Corolla had only 1 owner and 17,500 miles on the clock. The reason? It had been a Mobility car, and therefore had to be handed back after the 3 year term was up. There's quite a few of these low mileage cars around the Toyota dealer network, so ask to see the log book of any low mileage car. It says MOBILITY on the log book! Of course, it also has a full Toyota Service History, being a Mobility car.
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