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  1. Ahh so u decided to join here at last. Welcome :D
  2. Take it to the dealers and get it sorted out on the Warranty.
  3. Looking good. Good choice of colour. :D
  4. Remember to post pics while its still clean B)
  5. MR-S Turbo

    Bovs ...

    Can you get universal kits to fit any car? As I want a BOV but the car i have has got a custom Turbo fitted to it.
  6. Starter bouttons are very easy to install. Just follow the instructions and thats it. Just turn on the ignition and press the button to start. (Just like turning the key further).
  7. I hope thats not the ship my car is on
  8. MR-S Turbo

    Twin 45's

    Hi Does anyone have a set of twin 45's for sale? If so post here or drop me a PM. Thanks Peter
  9. Because thats the car I have. :D
  10. I will be there all weekend :D
  11. Or prove it with a rolling road day
  12. I had the problem of them freezing on my MK1 MR2. It was because water got into the cable and froze.
  13. MR-S Turbo

    Santa Pod

    Ya dont have to race. You can always spectate
  14. Apart from being smooth with the controls. Also if you do find yourself sliding aim for a fresh uncompressed piece of snow on the road. This will slow you down and also find more traction there. Just be very carefull and drive with the stereo off so that you can here if the revs suddenly rise or the car start to slide.
  15. MR-S Turbo

    Santa Pod

    I might have a look down.
  16. Design your own decals and get them made up to suit the car. :)
  17. Looks sweet. I aint seen a kit like that before. B)
  18. MR-S Turbo

    Top Gear

    I would of liked the mk1 MR2 to win over the new one.
  19. Used to own a Lexus IS200 SE with a few mods. But moved back to an MR2 because I used to own a MK1 MR2 before I owned the Lexus. So that I can have more fun days at the track.
  20. Ta mate. I see you live in Durham. Thats not too far from me.
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