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  1. Hello, Everyone. :) This is my first time on this site. I have read most of the replies about the Error code PO171. My husband and I first came across this site because of this problem with this code. Since viewing this site, we have replaced both o2 sensors ($200 for the one before the converter and about $100 for the one after from autozone, alot cheaper than from the dealer :) this included shipping because of where we live), we completed a full tune up and replaced the throttle position sensor. The check engine light went off and then after a few trips to my daughters school and just around town the light came back on. Showing the same code. Our next step is replacing the we MAF sensor ($105) and the temperature sensor ($40). he cheapest replacements of all. This will according to the toyota manual cover everything that this Error code PO171 could be. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations. They will be appreciated. I just wanted to share our experience with this problem, and maybe help others. Thanks for your time. :)