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  1. turn the ignition on/off 3 times that will cure the problem
  2. turn the igniction on/off rapid 3 times that will cure the problem
  4. it is easy carefully remove facia with a screwdriver (don't brake clips) remove radio (2 screws) unscrew pillar aerial and cut the wire at the base connect new areal to the wire using tape feed new wire tru to the radio and plug in to the rear of the radio replace everything in reverse wont take more than 1 hour to do
  5. hi I have a K reg Toyota Carina E GLI 1600 it has failed the emission test the car is running fine and the emu light does not come on i have changed the spark plugs they appear ok i also changed the air filter i was told it is unlikely to be the co2 sensor as the light does not come on can any1 advice me please as i don't want to by a sensor if not needed
  6. its very easy to change 1:REMOVE FACIA (JUST UNCLIPS) 2:UNSCREW RADIO 3:UNPLUG AREAL FROM RADIO AND ATTACH A STRING TO THE CABLE 4:UNSCREW AREAL AND REMOVE UNIT WITH STRING ATACHED# 5:attached new cable to string and pull it tru complete job will take about 30 minute good luck
  7. to deactivate the immobiliser just turn the ignition 3 times on and off and the immobiliser will deactivate you don't need a dongle for the remote (i lost mine ages ago ) just turn the key in the lock to arm disarms the unit I hope that helps regards
  8. i have a carina 92 and it got broken into and the center console got broke can anybody tel me where i can get a cheap replacement ? I also need a replacement remote dongle
  9. can anybody advice me where i can get either a new remote for the alarm on my K reg toyota carrina E or a direct replacement ecu with alarm please?
  10. hi i have a Toyota Carina GLS (k reg) and the kids broke the pillar areal what is the easiest way to replace this ? I have tried to remove the fascia but i am having problems Thanks