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  1. I searched the code on another corolla forum i use, some one said "Posted 14 July 2009 - 08:57 AM Hiya all! I have been directed here form the toyota owners club forum where i have posted a similar request for info. The jist of it is this, I get no lift, I get the engine management light on with a code of P1693 (OCV malfunction - closed) when i hit 6200 revs. I had my car with a toyota specialist who sent it of to a main dealer for active testing, they found everything working ok, they did an engine flush and oil change, the fault still occurs, I am awaiting a change of OCV filter. Any ideas from anybody else what else could be worng? any ideas welcome. Vik " Posted 14 July 2009 - 12:15 PM Thats deffinately a new one on me. Do you know if the basics have been checked? Like broken lift bolts? To be fair though as Lift is regulated by oil pressure if you are being told the OCV (Oil Control Valve) is closed it will surely prevent Lift engagement and thus be your problem..... Did Toyota recommend replacingthe part or were they of the opinion there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with it? Posted 17 July 2009 - 12:48 PM I got it sorted! there was the a blockage in one of the filters from lack of use of the lift system. Like ThisQuoteMultiQuote Like ThisQuoteMultiQuote
  2. For more help check out the forum on the corolla club website
  3. My last dyno run had me losing 20% thought the transmission so I wouldn't worry too much like.
  4. two steps forward, one step back springs to mind. Don't come on here much now but its like russian roulette with the new posts and sign out button I tried to link my search results in the above post but it cleared them. hope you find what your after
  5. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=search&section=search&do=search&fromsearch=1
  6. I'm an 18 year old... Work In the ICT Industry , but have worked in a TVR/Lamborghini firm and in the steel works. Finish my Apprenticeship in about 30 weeks Jesus what age did you start working???
  7. google this doubleyoudoubleyoudoubleyoudotcorollaclubyoukaydotcom
  8. You need to scroll to the top of the page and between the two adverts is the menu bar with - quick links, forums, media , insurance and finally search!! Click on that, enter what your looking for, but you must select the corolla forum in the drop down/scroll menu
  9. doubleyoudoubleyoudoubleyoudotcorollaclubdotyoukaydotcom
  10. doubleyoudoubleyoudoubleyoudotcorollaclubdotyoukaydotcom
  11. What price do you have in mind for the CTS . I know someone looking to buy a CTS facelift. Do you know if a fidanza lightened flywheel make any noticeable difference over stock? i'm thinking of getting one but not sure if its worth the money? Seem to be having real trouble putting the power to the ground on launch off i keep suffering from wheel hop, suspension are all standard height so just wondering anything i could do to reduce wheel hop. I know my wheels are on the light side but could it be that? I like to drag alot lol so any help would be useful. Cheers Power - stages two cams Wheel hop - front and rear engine mount inserts.
  12. The rear of my car is stripped out for maybe 10 months of the year. How can Eddie not see that other owners use their cars for different reasons to him and are free to carry out modifications that suit this, without people like you telling them its pointless and looks stupid. check out the Just stance facebook page, there are people doing this in audi estates!!
  13. who needs passengers when you have a car that looks like that?? Not everyone has this car to carry the family around
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