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  1. Hi, yeah there is a spring in there. the mechanism often breaks after a few years its so weak. .Best option is to look for someone breaking a car or just seal it shut .
  2. Hi mate its a 6PK1670 that you want.Eurocarparts also sent me out the wrong belt and i ended up having to get a lift to a local motor factors to get the right one.Good luck fitting it its quite fiddly.
  3. i'll have to check that out ,will need to remove the radio for that .
  4. Hi, the hiss comes from all the speakers . I did add an x-car link to the system recently but thought as the hiss was when playing a cd too that this wasnt the cause.
  5. hi, ive got a problem with my radio.it was working fine until a couple of weeks ago when suddenly there was a hiss on all radio stations and when you play a cd.Ive tried unscrewing the antenna and playing a cd but that didnt work . ive tred changing the audio settings ,that didnt work . any ideas?
  6. i think your coolant is fine then . am sure they're just trying to get a sale. my toyota garage always try and get an extra sale out of me by saying the code reading machine has picked something up . i always ignore it , if the car is running fine its running fine.
  7. hi mate , my haynes manual says replace every 40,000 miles unless using toyota pink coolant which is filled forlife. your 07 would be using the pink i would imagine.guess it is possible it could of lost its strength . is it still looking pink ?
  8. A T3 does have better spec yes but a 5 door would also be 1 insurance group higher.Depends what you wanna spend.
  9. I'd go for a T2 1.4 . They're cheap to insure very reliable and have decent equipment.With your budget you'll be looking for something around 2002/52 plate . Make sure the heater works properly and blows hot air out of all 4 vents especially the one by the drivers window,its common for the heater matrix to block on a car this age and can be expensive to fix.
  10. they lasted about 12,000 miles but i hadnt rotated them at all .
  11. ive had a couple of sets of falken ze912's and found that they last very well and give a good amount of grip in wet and dry ,also very resonably priced . still running them now.
  12. you've probably got the infamous heater matrix problem.If so you may be able to clear it by using sink unblocker or back flushing the matrix ,if not then a costly new matrix install. I have the problem too .ive learned to live with it . one of the very few problems these cars get. search heater matrix on here for more info .
  13. I was looking at a jazz for my wife but googled around and found that they suffer from a gear box problem . Some even need a new gear box as low as 27,000 miles. i think the carolla is a better looking and more solid car.
  14. hi , yes they fold flat with the last version the E12 (2002 onwards model) also the carolla is very big inside for its size. if you look at the shape its a big cabin with very short bonnet at the front . hope this helps .
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