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  1. Nope. its 2 years old. and was on my t2 till i got tsport.....there is a new one on e-bay mate and its pretty cheap....sorry i'm too honest for my own good! Chris
  2. The TS silencer wont fit but i have a spare TTE one for the 1.4 and 1.6!!!!!!!!!
  3. Fitting ain't a problem me being a Toyota tech........i found the manifold from the link at the top on the rolla page here!!! As for the trees........they have leaves Chris
  4. Hey chums, Has anybody de catted thier TS? I'm considering this but in my logic the sensor after the lean the whole lot again? Also does anybody have the free flow exhaust manifold? Fensport have then for over 500 quid but i foung one for 200, is it worth it??? Decent gains??? Chris
  5. I often have one of the rear wheels lifting on some corners relying on how the car looks to be pointing rather than the feeling on it....maybe its the ECPS (eletric PS) that dulls it.....i need to get a strut bar too.....sharpen things up front...! The Celica is just easier to chuck around but i still prefer my rolla! Chris
  6. Many many steps.....i hate reprogramming these things!!
  7. Hey everyone....I have done tons of clutches on D4d's it's not uncommon to replace at 30k...the engine has so much torque that is honestly does need to be driven a certain way....they have a 2 piece flywheel and if the clutch does wear out chances are the flywheel will too....they have a rubber inner to absorb vibration! I know this all sounds stupid but i'm only telling what i've experianced! Another possibilty of heavy clutch op is the clutch master cylinder, get that checked too....hope this helps...... Chris
  8. The Celica has double wishbone rear suspension...our rollas dont...even the latest Avensis does too...hence the more calm handling......grrrrrrr How low have you set your KW's at? I really think i need to get these!!!! And being a Toyota Tech.....i'll can use the geometry set up.......woohooo Chris
  9. dude, i had a simple install in my old E12 rolla, alas now i have full screen sat nav so i cannot be bothered to put all the stuff in! Direct the wires down the left side on the car, down the kick trims...there is plenty of room...be careful of the trims tho, they clip into each other and can be quite brittle..If you have a lot of audio wires going to the boot i may be a good idea to allow some down the other side, being carfull that they wont snag on the steering column! Hope this helps Chris
  10. Dude, put me in front of an engine in bits i'll fix it (perhaps), but i struggled turning this !Removed! computer on, I'm gonna become a TOC member, yesh, i like gold :P then i get a gallery? Is there any meets or owt up ere in the cold north? Plus i want more power......POWER mwahhhhhh ha ha ha ha (evil laugh) Chris
  11. What you dont brake? Do you live on a runway? If so can i come round and play? Chris
  12. Oi bert, you stole my car...lol.........you got my lamps....my colour...ahhh but i got TTE srprings and 17 inch Konig Hurry in black on there!!! Ideally i'd like a full TTE or KW suspension set up, i'm getting lots of understeer under power but i love it... Carry on!! Chris
  13. The pedal going down when on idle is normal...its the air being used from the servo...
  14. swiftcover.com :group-cuddles:
  15. We've had a few customers pick up on this and really we cant pick point the exact problem :censor: ! One possible is that at higher revs the vac assistance is higher so therefore brake assistance is higher, but i must admit it is :censor: ing me off i cant find a sure way of fixin' this!! Maybe try replacing your fluid if you're repeatadly braking hard maybe the fluid is working harder and losing its propities Chris
  16. I called EBC about some performance pads but they are still under development, I think Fensport do some fast road discs tho Chris
  17. Sorry i havent got round to posting pics but i've been busy lowering and fitting my bits to my new TS....I !Removed! love the lift.....i never thought i'd own one cos i couldn't insure it but i found a company that rules....580 a year for a 26 year old mechanic and his missus as a named driver....weeeeeeeeeeee Chris PS I no longer get stalked by Saxo or Novas.....one even rolled back to see if i had a TS badge on me boot(I havent, i removed it) Besides i dont take the bait...too old....i'm thinking track days!!! HMMMMMM
  18. Thanks for the welcome! Hope to get some pics up of the car soon...i'm crap at this stuff...its got a T sport rear spoiler and springs on and a TTE rear zorst with the centre box removed....not too loud! I also have Lexus rear lamps! I'm thinking of putting a slash cut 4 inch exhaust on my TS with the lamps and springs i allready have....i also hope to swop my cold air induction too....i am picking the car up next friday and have big plans for the engine and suspension...body wise i'm goin' keep it subtle after all it's not a Saxo and i'm not a 18 year old chav! I'm down in London in a couple of weeks so hope to have a good ol' drive down there Chris B)
  19. Evening all, just signed up for a 02 CTS in trade for my 03 T2, putting my 17 inch konig hurrys on and an induction kit too, going to get a cat back exhaust fabricated cos i can't find a decent one such as magnex, I work at toyota in manchester and i very nearly got a Type R but plumped for the TS due to the emotional ties!! Does amy body know if the TTE springs from my T2 will transplant to the TS? I know the shocks are stiffer but they seen the same otherwise!! Any other TS tuning tips will be greatly appreciated....oh and i'll be coming a full bona-fide member soon.... Regards Chris PS Is there any meets up here in the cold North West?
  20. Unfotunatley i dont think the car would run without the cat, they run a 2 sensor system, the first one is in the manifold, the second after the cat, i made a new front pipe for mine (only a 1400) but it just kept leaning off the mixture and bringing the engine lamp on.......i now had a straight pipe from the cat to a TTE back box.....purrs real good!! Chris
  21. Could i make a suggestion, i've had loads of Yaris' that have noisy CV boots, they rub on lock etc....a bit of silicon spray solves it!! This may not be the case but if the noise doesnt effect the performance of brakes or steering then poss some rubber such as the boot or maybe even the spring seatpad could be worn...hope you find the faults!! Chris
  22. Yup, brakes do squeal, the dealer should look at them on warranty so demand they do...since i spend all day cleaning and lubing the brake slides and the squeal coming back (including my own rolla) all i can suggest is using the brakes heavily every now and then to remove any glaze that builds up!! Hope this helps Chris
  23. Hi, i work at a Toyota dealer and i can vouch that they do suck bid style, i usually struggle with the drivers side due to the ABS actuatotor, try undoing your battery support(10mm nut), then slide the battery over, be carefull not to short it out...if you still struggle remove the battery all together!! I usually face away from the car, not cos i'm a smart ***** but just as thats the easiest way for me!! Chris :)
  24. I've handled all the recalls mate, dont worry, just let your dealer handle it...it sounds worse than it is Chris :)
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