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  1. Better quality plastic for a start. Pretty bad for a rather expensive small car. Arm rest that can be used as a glove box. Oh and yes, a touch colour a la smart ????? A bit dull inside
  2. Well, I do this route about every 4 weeks. Riberac 24 France(Dordogne) TO Caen THEN to London Docklands Canary Warf. I start with a full tank then fill it up after Le Mans. I get to London with Half a tank left. I average 75 to 85 miles per hour. Not Bad at all. How many miles per galon?? aint go a clue. Maybe someone can work it out. IQ2 1.0 VVT Multidrive.
  3. YES, YES,YES and YES
  4. for what it's worth, I think the Automatic is SUPERB. I had mine for a few months now. No problem. As smooth as a baby's bum.
  5. michelp

    Mpg Readings

    Yep. 60 MPG is the Max. Mind you that's pretty good.
  6. Hello, Did you guys get a tyre repair kit with your iq 2? Regards
  7. Saturday, Chris got a flat tyre on the IQ 2. A huge nail right bang in the middle. Unfortunately the Emergency kit was nowhere to be seen. After a few minutes of cursing, Chris decided to take the car to our small local garage to have it fixed. Unfortunately, They were closed. He decided to take the car to Kwick Fit. What a fool.......... What do you think they said at Kall kwick ??? Well, we needed a new tyre because this one was "damaged" beyond repairs. Are they made of sugar? the tyre that is No need to say that hell broke loose. Lots of fruity words were exchanged and the car still had a flat. I went back to my local garage very early on Monday but they were still closed so, I went back to Kall kwick see If they were really that bad and oh yes, I needed a new tyre. It was unsafe to repair they said. I asked how much it will cost me to have a new one, well, they said they did not do this kind of tyre but they could fit another type like dunlop. I said goodbye and, go to hell. What a waste of time. They are obviously working on commission and are not interested in fixing anything. I then decided to ring my Toyoya dealer. As usual, they were useless. I asked to why there was no repairing kit in the car and, in reply they gave me a number for me to ring their service department . I rang them. They knew nothing about the car let alone the tyre. They gave me a number for me to ring Toyota parts. I rang them and they could not find one tyre to fit the iq and I can tell you, the guy over the phone could not care less. I had to go back to Toyota service with what type of tyre I needed. Well, There's only one IQ!! dahhhhh I went back to Toyota service but they said I had to go through Parts first . They eventually found 1 tyre. Price £100.00 + VAT plus labour, but I had to go back to parts to book a time to have the tyre fitted. All that took me more than one hour over the phone . As you know, I really like the car but I think Toyota After sales and service are totally useless, anyway... I decided to ring my local garage on the off chance. 2 hours later they had the tyre. I took the car to them and within 5 minutes, the job was done. Now, here is the thing. THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE TYRE. Kwick fit are just a bunch of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fitting the new tyre and repairing the undamaged one cot me £84.00 all inclusive of vat and fitting. I now have a spare tyre and my faith in Toyota has been further eroded. As for Kall kwick well... Well done small local garage. still a great car
  8. Hello all. So, after 10 years, 4 smart cars and a few months delay from Toyota (no explanation to why still...) I am now the "proud" owner of a Toyota IQ 2 Its automatic its white and it has all the expensive bits and bobs. Even cheap plastic strips pretending to be metal. mmm nice. So, after all the hysteria, I can now confirm the the seats are made of real leather (too bad for the cows) and, they look good. Well worth the money. But as the other half was saying, you are sitting on them and not in them. This could be because they are new. Time will tell. The interior looks good and very spacious. As for those scratches on the door panel mentioned a few million times in this forum I found the best way is not to look at the door panels ever ever ever.......EVER and, why oh why Toyota did not have those huge side mirrors folding automatically when you start and stop the car.?????? This is a very wide car after all. Sat Nav works a treat however Toyota has decided to write in a horrible white lettering that the system plays CS MP3 various cards etc. etc ..etc who cares! Now, here is a little trick for Toyota Designers, because you have 2000 fonts on your system does not mean that you have to use them all on one product. It just looks cheap and horrible. So, it plays USB Sticks wonderfully. but despite a huge display it can only display about 8 or ten characters of the file from the stick . So if you have multiples cd/m3 of the same artist , it is a pain to find the CD you are looking for unless you rename all the files and shorten things so you have the artist and name of the cd within those 10 characters. This could be fixed with an update Having said all this, the sat nav is excellent. well worth the money I would say. Issues like the seat belts at the back are just a jock. I remember having just picked up the car and wondering where was all this racket coming from at the “back”. Mind you, so many things are rattling in this car, you will barely need the radio. The boot is perfect for the trip to the off licence and the 3 bottles of white The ride is excellent, Very roomy. Perfect for a quick 2 pm nap. Petrol consumption seems Ok so far. mind you, I only drove in London. It feels much safer than the Smart car and I will say that it is possible to have 4 adults with legs attached to them in the car at the same time. So there This is a very clever car but it feels more like a nice PC and not a Mac if you see what I mean. Too many really little annoying things seem to spoil it. and frankly, all of them should have been fixed before releasing the car. It is a nice car and in a way much better than the Smart. car. The turning circle is just perfect for annoying Black cabs. The keyless entry is just fab, the stroking of the door a bit pervy. I love it. But, It just does not have the charm or the funkiness of a Smart car. it certainly is not an Ipod of a car . Toyota, you have me for now but, for how long?
  9. I only use USB Sticks 8Gbts from PC World. They work a treat from new. NO CD NO IPOD = less crap in the car.
  10. There is a small horizontal slot near the buckle. You have to twist the seat belt. Frankly its a real pain in the ***** and it looks a real mess
  11. if I ever ever ever get my car (still looking for the boat) and that kind of stuff happens to me, I will want a new car. end of story In fact, toyota should have offered you a new one by now. Looks like you got yourself a lemon. I am so unimpressed by toyota right now that I wonder if I should bother at all with this car.
  12. Wow. That's encouraging! Will Toyota still be in business in may?
  13. News From Toyota. (actually me ringing them begging for some news) The boat went via the Bermuda Triangle and was lost at see. Rest their soul! The 22nd march second delivery date will not be meet. We are now looking at April but still no date. To do with a shortage of leather. Just when I thought that we had too many cows on the planet. Not bad for a car ordered in January.
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