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  1. Many thanks for all your replies . Battery replaced successfully today........ (Bosch heavy duty). Not cheap! but has certainly done the trick
  2. Can anyone advise if there are any issues relating to changing the battery on facelift(54)Corolla T sport. Even though the green light is still visible in the charge condition window its been getting slower at turning the engine from cold over the last week or two to the point where it won't start at all now.......... If i change the battery will i lose any settings or the like, with things like engine ECU; alarm or imobiliser or remote lock/unlock on key fob. Any advice/assistance would be much appreciated.
  3. Drove the car to a local supermarket and hey presto everything worked fine. Came back home, parked on the drive, same problem again. After talking to a neighbour found out they have just erected a new mobile phone mast somewhere up the road in the last couple of weeks. Looks like the problem is here to stay. Many thanks for all your advice.
  4. can anyone help me with a problem relating to the remote locking system/alarm system on my 54 plate (facelift) corolla T sport....... Basically the remote system has become extremely intermitant in operation and stops working at all for long periods.It worked fine up until approx a week ago. Changed batteries in both remote keys; Doors all fully shut; no signal interference from other sources. interior light ok. Only way i can currently lock/unlock the car is by using the key in the drivers side lock. Before i go and call on Mr T and probably end up spending loads-a-money any advice would be much appreciated.........
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