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  1. Was a great weekend, well done Les for organsising, wow even some of the TOC members spoke to me :) xx
  2. you dont want the softtop heated up when its folded flat for 6 months, hence disconnecting the wires.
  3. Love the reflection of the Mongos in the mirros Les! 90k thats merely run in mate :)
  4. What colour do you need mate? there is nothing technical about fitting a hard top just make sure you have the fitting kit and tighten all the bolts up.
  5. That HONDA was a MR2, call yourself a Toyota Driver!!
  6. Well there was bugger all else to buy a JAE, even Les's sandwiches were free! Cheers Les!! So here is my new sticker! Before After
  7. Does anyone have some i can buy or maybe borrow for the Corfu Trip end April please?
  8. Has anyone found a solution that actually WORKS yet?
  9. UK Totty

    UK Totty's Roadster Gallery

    2000 MR2 Roadster in Blue with lots of mods
  10. LOL Very true Les, I may have even got a female to come along thinking she was safe ;)
  11. Single yes, !Removed! no Russ - 1 Theorist - 0 Hey you aint the first and you wont be the last ;)
  12. Very nice mate, but not the wheels
  13. More than likely 2 of them ! Welcome Russ Cheers and YES there is one on the front and on the back ;)
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