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  1. evening all my actuator is causing problems , its only allowing boost of 0.3 bar , engine management light is also been triggered under boost , however that goes out when i ease off the boot ... will the mr2 turbo actuator fit the 185 turbo ? if not any suggestions where i could source an actuator to suit this car, trying to avoid the main stealers if i can, appreciate any advice, thanks.
  2. evening all i will have to replace my radiator shortly and wondered what are my options, i see fensport do a replacement, there are some on ebay aswell, are there other suppliers i should be considering ? if you were to recommend a supplier who would it be ? would uk & jdm type rads be similiar ?
  3. no , it was only fitted to the st205 model. Thanks Gt4 Booster
  4. Hi all, my 185 gt4 failed its nct on its axle & wishbone bushes offside and nearside rear, can someone confirm if this car has a super strut suspension ? i need this information in order to purchase the parts mentioned above. car is a toyota celica 185 gt4 jdm spec, appreciate any input.
  5. your management light is on so get a diagnostic check carried out, see what fault code is been triggered, you should be able to work it out from there.
  6. Hi all, can anyone tell me where the camshaft sensor is located on a 2002 1.4 corolla, engine management light is on, code scan brings up p 1346. Ive no idea what it looks like so any pics of this sensor would also help, thanks.
  7. air flow meter, temp sensor,lamda thanks for your reply Hogie, i will replace the air flow meter and see if this helps.
  8. morning all, i have an 02 1.4 petrol corolla with the engine management light on, error code is p0170 fuel trim bank 1, anyone any ideas? direction on this appreciated.
  9. have you checked your plugs? have you checked your leads for cracks? or bad connection? fuel filter? what error codes did you find?
  10. go to toyota and ask them to order a timing belt kit for your celica. then shop around a couple of private garages and get a quote off them for carrying out the job, you would be better advised to buy a toyota kit , instead of some cheap e-bay one,
  11. these products claim to repair cracks in cylinder heads and cure head-gasket issues (hard to believe !) just wondering if anyone has been brave enough to put it in there cooling system and what was the results,
  12. mistyangel


    welcome to the club Gary. could you post some pictures, all sounds very interesting .
  13. for peace of mind, go to your nearest garage and ask some one there to check that your wheel studs are tight, while your there check that all your tyres have the same pressure- it will state on the tyre the correct psi pressure to put in.