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  1. Hi All Does anyone know if there is a way of overiding the sat nav system from blocking inputs once you start moving. Many Thanks Brian
  2. Once again, thanks for all your help and replies. I am in the process of trying to resolve this through the supplying Toyota dealer (under warranty) and i am sure your answers will help me do this. Many Thanks Brian
  3. Hi All First of all, many thanks for replying to me questions which is appreciated. I did re-set the odometer at the start of my journey as i do a lot of miles and this was the first run in the car. It has 15000 miles on the clock. The engine is quite rattly and also sometimes dies when started from cold so i am not sure if there may be a problem. I have since my post calculated my MPG on the trip using maths instead of the computer. 53.5 litres divided by 4.54 = 11.78 - 262 (miles from tank) divided by 11.78 = 22.24. If the best fuel consumption i can expect is 22.24 MPG i dread to think what a mix of driving will return. This is what i would expect from a range rover. Either i have a fault or Toyota are deliberatly publishing miss-leading fuel consumption figures. Fuel consumption was a consideration for me hence choosing a diesel and Toyotas own figs suggest a small increase in consumption over the 140 BHP model. I guess it would be like viewing a show home, ordering your new home based on spec etc and then finding you have 1 bedroom instead of 3. Once again thanks for all your replies. Brian
  4. Hi All I have just purchased my first RAV 4, T180 07. I drove to Bristol at the weekend which was all motorway driven fairly relaxed at 70 to 85 mles per hour. No traffic experienced so no periods of crawling along slowly. I can not believe the fuel consumption!!!!!! The computer tells me 27.1 MPG. Considering this was a motorway journey and the advertised fuel consumption i would have expected 40+. I live 2 mins from motorway so there was no long journey through town involved. A tank of fuel to go 260 miles is extremely alarming. This is a regular journey and my previous car, Mercedes 320cdi auto returned 37 MPG. I may have a fault or this could be normal and would appreciate your views/advice. Many Thanks Brian