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  1. Morning all, The rad switch for starting up the fans on my import ST202 has a snapped pin. Dealer quoted £86 for a new one. Looked around and saw hundreds for £15-20 but for engine type S3-GE. My plate says its a 3S-FE, will the 3S-GE switch fit/work on my car? Dont really want to pay over the odds for the same thing. Cheers
  2. same more? also any thoughts on the original post? thanks
  3. also are the parts going to be the same as UK spec? its a jap import and wonder if they're any different between the models
  4. hello sorry to double post a topic but i kind of need a reply quick if possible. my parking brake is binding on after ive applied it for any length of time, its not creating any heat though when driving (yet) though. It frees up after rolling back a little but it still feels sluggish at speed booked in for friday with a mechanic but we're trying to pre-order some parts. am i likely to need new cables / shoes / etc...? what usually causes this and am i best to just replace the cables and shoes now?
  5. Thanks for the reply :-) I think they meant something inside when they said a baffle, but looking around and also by your email i think the heat shield seems to be the issue. will get a good look and let you know how i get on
  6. Hey guys I have a slightly sporty exhaust but lately its getting louder. Its not blowing due to a hole, but when i accelerate i get a kind of extra noise other than the growl of the exhaust. I know sounds are hard to describe but it kind of sounds terrible around town, like a tin of nuts rattling around. My mechanic said it sounded loud during the MOT and that it could be a loose baffle, but to be honest im not sure what that means. Is there a part I can replace or something I can do to remedy it? If not what would I need to replace as part of a new exhaust system thanks
  7. did you get this looked at? mine is sticking too but getting no heat (yet) from discs
  8. you need to remove the whole back panel inside the boot. its a real pain in the ***** but the assembly is behind that, there should be 4 "screws" that pop out with a little force. its hardly easy access though hope this helps
  9. hey guys, I seem to have this same problem i think? when i apply my handbrake on a hill ive got to put quite a bit of bite on for it to hold. when i release it, the car doesnt roll, it will kind of slowly ease away and i sometimes get a metallic screeching. fairly sure its the handbrake binding on, but after a little driving there is no sign it ever occured. there is no heat from any of the discs (a sign of further binding) but i do feel a little as though im pushing it lately. the speedo drops off quicker than usual or im just imagining it. any thoughts, or do you think i have the same issue? edit - alan, how much did the cable replace set you back?
  10. im going to replace it, but just not as urgently. i get paid at the end of the month so going to get a new one then. the spare is a 15", and my wheels are 17's so might just bin the tyre
  11. saw my mechanic last night, he said he gets dozens of cases like mine. said its totally fine and the cords werent showing. glued it back down and sent me on my way. i asked if it was worth getting some strong resin to cover over it, asked if the structural integrity was compromised, if i should watch my speed...... he just smiled and said it was ok. guess i can stick that £100 back in my savings :-) just goes to show the worst doesnt always happen..... thanks for all the advice though guys
  12. about 8 month old toyo proxy tr1...... im only replacing that one, not doing both as theres hardly any wear on the others
  13. not in any event? or only for substantial damage?
  14. Morning all, Hit a curb on sat night and took a small chunk out of my front left tyre, theres a flap now. Its not losing air and any extreme rate (topped to 30psi on sat night when wheel was hot, checked this morning cold it was 28psi, diff between cold and hot could account for 2psi?). How serious do you think it is? Has anyone repaired a side wall with a garage?
  15. not at all mate, you couldnt have done much more. if it shows up again i know the places to look 1st instead of having to wait for a mechanic. going to keep a closer eye on the CV boots and any wear on the gearbox. thanks again
  16. nothing mechanically wrong with the car. mechanic checked everything and the noise just seems to have stopped. guess its a mystery until it shows up again. thanks for all the posts, if nothing else ive learned a lot
  17. what is that exactly? hoping it will be something the mechanic can see easily, as the noise only seems to occur when slowing from 70
  18. not that im aware of..... think ive just got normal springs im thinkin towards CV joints, is there one on the gearbox/driveshaft connection? theres no knocking when i turn so not thinking it would be the CV boots on either wheel, but then it might be? it must be the driveshaft if its only noisy in gear, ah well its in tomorrow so hopefully it'll be nice and obvious
  19. cheers thats really helpful ive got it in the garage on wed afternoon for a professional view ( at the car itself ), was hoping for a few possible areas to check. i think its telling that it only makes the noise in gear, not when freewheeling. although im not sure myself what that tells..... what could possibly only make a noise when the car is in gear? i'll keep you in the loop
  20. if its a clutch release bearing how difficult is it to replace? its def a knocking and not a whirring or a grinding. it does knock when im just rolling along though, without me touching the clutch, would it still knock?
  21. im starting to think its not the gearbox at all mate, it seems to be somewhere on the suspension. its a knocking noise not a grinding. and it only happens when the car is in gear, at low speeds could it be a CV boot causing the driveshaft to clunk? or maybe a strut? what kind of noise was yours making, and when did it occur?
  22. Morning :-) posted a topic in the Celica forum but didnt get any replies so hoping someone can help a little here. lately ive been getting a knocking noise when rolling along at low speeds, usually in traffic. it knocks as i come on and off the clutch pedal but it doesnt really happen any other time. if i take it out of gear and coast there is no noise so ive eliminated it being stone or something loose. i get a little knock sometimes when going from 1st to 2nd and 3rd and me and my mechanic think its the synchromesh cones in the gearbox that are the problem. however would this cause the knocking when rolling slowly when not pressing the accelerator? we are going to try changing the gearbox oil for something a little thicker, but now im unsure this is even necessary if it might not even be the gearbox. basically im stumped and any thoughts would be hugely appreciated. btw i drive a 96 Celica GT, the 6th Gen type. Thanks
  23. ok little extra, im not going to bother with the gearbox replace and i cant really afford the cone replacement if i can aviod it. im going to try some thicker oil and hope it absorbs some of the strain on the cones along with some double-declutching. does anyone know which/any oils that could help ive seen someone saying Redline MTL or Redline MT-90 would work but are they suitable for my car and more importantly, shich would be better for my situation? ive read about 100 threads on this and cannot find anywhere saying how much oil im going to need. my mechanic said 2 litres but i did see somewhere someone saying 2.4ltrs for a ST202. its an extra 15quid for another litre, do i need it? this has took up my morning, hope no1 in work is watching lol thanks again guys really appreciate if someone can get back to me
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