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  1. Molecular nanoscopic composition...
  2. Could be worst......could have been your engine that only lasted 43k...
  3. Landrover people love these tyres and the synchrones......... The 235 won't make a difference to your speedo, that's just the width of the tyre,its the 60, 65, 70 etc, percentage of section width, that alters speed readings, and the rim size of course
  4. Exclusions. Offer not available to anyone who slags off any dealer of any description, for anything, at any time, past or present, or for aliens wanting anything for nowt ;) Think that covers you Jedi? Kingo I was just going to see what crap they would have come out with, and what they would try to sell me that wasn't needed, as for the free valet, at your own risk.....some kid with a grit filled sponge marking your paintwork ......I think I will try it now, pretend I don't know what a wheel is etc........and watch the £ signs light up in there eyes......might even record the whole episode on me phone Donald macintyre style... do you offer this free vsr kingo?
  5. Mate, that's just the classic crap I kept getting told, they obviously cant use the equipment.... Get yourself to a proper wheel alignment center, give dury a ring and explain to them the problem, and how the dealer thinks its ok...They will explain everything to you over the phone, they will 100% fix your problem, just out of interest did you get proof, ie print out, and how much did it cost you just out of interest.
  6. Hmmmm might give it a try....see what they come up with. Cheers :
  7. So if I bring my rav to Toyota they'll wash and Hoover it for free? What do I have to say?
  8. He's got one of those Ravs that may only manage 40k per new engine Rambler
  9. Maybe its not the dust shield but the backing plate for the drum/shoe handbrake system thats rusted, .....or more than likely whats happened is they`ve got the 2 mixed up........ see PDf`s below Rav Rear disc.pdf Rav Drum&Backing plate.pdf
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