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  1. Hi all, Looking for face lift rear and front seats from a T sport corolla and also front and rear stock springs from a face lift t sport corolla. Thanks Joel
  2. How quick are you looking at getting some? and whats your budget? this is what i have 17" light weight race alloys with Kuhmo tyres about have worn, interested?
  3. Bit of a long shot but has anyone got the front seats and rear seats from a FL Corolla T sport? Thanks Joel
  4. Welcome, your right the brakes are spongy and they dont get any better the longer you have the car. Pads will help a little, but to get rid of the spongy feel think about braided lines. apprently they help with spongy feeling alot. A few members have done this a reported good things. Personally i haven't got braided lines. When i chnaged my pads went for EBC red stuff rather then ferodo, i find the red stuff good all rounder. But the pedal still have some spongyness about it. I would recomend a short shift kit. Again its a worth while mod that is insuance friendly. Gives that sportier feel to the gear change and generally enhances the driving experience. The stock shifter i felt was a bit long and limp wristed. The dog oder could be the AC. I know for sure my car hasn't had a dog in it, but when it has stood a few days the first few mins the AC stinks of old dog. Im sure this could solved with an AC service but meh, its not annoying enough to spend the money on. Joel
  5. No problem putting drilled and grooved at the front and stocks at the back . Joel
  6. For the record I just pushed up the bonnet contact and its seems to of fixed it. Joel
  7. From what i understand the Tte is the same as Remus just with a different badge. I just fitted a remus and you can hear the difference over stock for sure but its not over powering, quiet when you want it to be and gives a good note when you give it the beans. Its a windows down moment for sure when you go through tunnels or under bridges. LOL Joel
  8. i ruled out interference by trying it at home and at work same results. I though if i had motion sensors i would see them either on the roof lining or the A pillars. Joel
  9. I posted then searched wrong way round i guess, i did find the post about the bonnet contracting expanding. Which i think is plausable but im not totaly convinced thats the whole story, I also suspect that after years of having the bonnet dropped close on the bracket it moves and the bonnet and bracket just gets far enough appart so the bonnet contact doesn't make a good connection. Then combine that with the contracting and expanding and that could be just enough to trip the alarm. But still whatever the full story is it's still associated with the bonnet contact so i will try moving it up first. Thanks Joel
  10. Ok so my cars alarm keeps randomly going off. may be an hour after locking 4 hours 8 hours just happens randomly for no seen reason. but when it does blimey its loud. HONK HONK HONK HONK I'm guessing the stock T sport alarm doesn't have motion detectors is just trips off the door contacts? My car has recently stood for along time and this problem has only started since i started using it again, i have charged the battery up problem still there. Ideas? Thanks Joel
  11. You could enquire if the person that clamped you has a SIA Vehicle Immobilising licence. It’s a blue card with there picture on it similar to the once bouncers and security guards have. This should be displayed at all time when the person is doing their job. If they have no licence they should not be clamping. Approch the SIA directly google them they have a website. Joel
  12. This is correct as there is no real centre silencer the pipe is straight to the back box. if you look at the T sport back box is massive, this is because its the only one on the car so it needs to be big to keep the noise down. Now i have an old exhaust at home waiting to be cut open i for one would be interesed to know if the pipe goes straight through the box and the box has a lot of padding in or it snakes around inside the box keeping the gasses in there longer and therefore reducing the sound even more... im guessing the later for greated noise reduction. the remus box is straight through. but they use a twin exit and still have quite a large back box full of padding to keep the noise sensible. Joel
  13. no no no no no, no point doing at cat back on the T sport just replace the rear silencer. The middle box you see is a resonator and does not restrict the flow of exhaust gases replacing this is a waste of time and money. Joel
  14. now you can get these they fit in the end of the exhaust and reduce the noise. by simply capping it, what makes the noise is the way the gasses come out the exhaust what these discs do is difuse the gasses as they exit the exhaust which elliminates the noise. its a bit of a dirty way of doing it... Illgryphon is spot on with his answer...but needs must.. Joel