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  1. Many thanks for all your positive responses they have helped dispel all of the negative thoughts I had and shows the value of this forum to talk some sense into people like me. I am glad I ran it by you all rather than make the wrong decision appreciate all of your help, I did have one other question I like the idea of all wheel drive in your opinion is it worth the extra expense?”
  2. I am thinking of replacing my 2008 Rav with a 2016 Hybrid model however I am concerned with the Life Expectancy of the Battery I understand that Toyota are guaranteeing 2020 models for 10 years. This doesn't help if your budget only stretches to an older model so I have no alternative now but change my plans and will probably go for a petrol version. I'm sure this is going to be an issue with purchasing an older Hybrid for other buyers unless Toyota stretch the guarantee to older models!
  3. Hi Alan thanks for your suggestion I have made a temporary bracket with nut and bolt but I cant get to the nut to tighten its okay as a temporary solution. Ideally if I can get something solid in the gap and then screw into it with a self tapping screw would be ideal. I would advise anybody with a RAV with this type of fitting to replace the screws on their lenses with stainless steel to avoid this situation. I'm not sure what year Toyota changed this method to the clip in version?
  4. Many thanks Crofter for the suggestion I thought I would go to Toyota Spares and see if the newer clip in lens would fit if not I there is the possibility of buying the whole panel with lighting included as below.
  5. Wonder whether any one can help my 2008 RAV went in for its MOT there was an issue with one of the rear aux number plate lights not working but they passed it as the other one worked? They couldn't change the faulty one as the screw was rusted and the Philips screw was chewed, I decided to have a go at trying to remove the screw however had to drill it out. Unfortunately the piece of plastic that the screw locates into has broken away and now I need to screw in the glass housing with replacement bulb. Not sure where the plastic was attached to but it was a flimsy fitting?
  6. Thanks for your responses took the car to my local Garage and they said they had tested couldn't find any issues whether they checked EGR,SCR not sure I will ask them?
  7. Wehave a Toyota Rav 4 2008 2.2 litre diesel awd we were on a return journey from Italy climbing up some hills through the alps three months ago and experienced engine stuttering and intermittent loss of power. This lasted for quite a while on our return back to the UK where we felt the engine would cut out completely before we got home, we had no problems at all previously after 87000 miles. We decided to put it down some dirt in the fuel from the fill up we had before our journey, consequently I put some cleaner in with fuel when we returned. Hoping this would help clean the jets etc, we had no problems for three months at all until last week when we experienced the same problem when climbing a hill. However this time it only lasted for the duration of the hill then returned to normal, again there were no warning lights or no indication when driving there could be a problem. Again we had filled up with fuel the day before and it was a sub zero day like the alps. The garage did some diagnostics but could not find a problem they just changed the fuel filter as a advisory. They said they could not resolve the issue unless it is a more reliable problem, we hope to travel to Spain in January but fear it could happen again. Has this happened to anyone else or can anybody help get to the bottom of this mystery?
  8. I recently changed my Battery on my 08 RAV and decided to fit it myself I went for a VARTA manufacturer purchasing it online, from Battery Megastore. They asked me for details of my battery was it left hand side positive or right with my chest in front? I confirmed it definitely was on my left hand side and they queried it but I was adamant it was, there was no doubt in my mind. The battery arrived when I went to fit it I noticed the straps to the terminals did not match up even though the Positive was on my left, I tried turning the battery 180 degrees and of course the negative was now on the left. It transpired that on the RAV the battery should be a right hand positive because the battery has to be spun 180 degrees, this issue has cost me a lot of time and money on delivery charges. I did look on line at fitting the battery but obviously did not see any comments on this so hope this information helps someone in future?
  9. You could be right there I have gone back to the Mechanic and suggested this ??Did wonder whether if there was muck in the system it would be worth changing after the FORTE?? Also found this on this site may be applicable?? you must to consider the following reasons: - EGR clogging/partly clogging; - SCV might to play; - MAF sensor is dirty; - fuel filter is dirty; - water in diesel (sensor on the fuel filter); - lack of signal on the injector control ; - poor injection (over fueling or one/two cylinders); - engine air filter - error stored in ECU start to investigate and revert with outcome cheers / Igor
  10. Thought I would give you an update on my visit to the mechanic today he took it out for a run and replicated the problem, in his opinion he thought replacing the DMF would be a waste of money. He couldn't put his finger on the problem but was leaning more towards a fuel related issue such as the injectors. He said that it felt like the engine was misfiring in part but definitely a REV related issue so he gave me a bottle of liquid to put into the diesel called Forte Advanced Diesel Treatment. I need to put this into the next tank of good quality diesel from Shell, BP and see if it clears it up? Watch this space!
  11. Thanks for the correction on the carb but I was trying to explain the sensation and yes the reading was 49.5 which I assume is the mpg so shows the engine is in good nick if that is a true reading
  12. Haven't had any other symptoms other than the slight juddering just as you approach the 2000 revs, I have noticed the Fuel consumption has reduced from 49 mpg to around the 45 mpg despite doing some long distance driving.Clutch is fine no troubles with the gears, engine is little noisy at start up not sure whether any more than usual noise I put down to engine warm up. Originally thought it was associated with dirt or water in diesel ie carburettor issue. Two mechanics who took it out didn't notice any problems only the service guy spotted it then put it on computer for a check and couldn't sort the problem. So they took great delight in telling me the DMF was probably going and told me the costs with pound notes rolling in their eyes.
  13. Anchorman have filled in more details as suggested anything except Clutch/DMF failure would be a result!!
  14. Could be a Possibility have to check tracking preferable to DMF replacement if it is!!
  15. MANY Thanks to all who have replied and tried to help, I have tried the reset but to no avail, my RAV is a 2 litre model so may have a worse record than the 4.3? I have found a good mechanic who is going to test drive it to see what he thinks? The consensus of opinion is if we keep the RAV we should have the work done sooner rather than later! I must admit if I did go for another car I wouldn't go for another diesel RAV maybe a Petrol version depends on the MPG I would get? Or I might look for something different any suggestions??
  16. Just looked up ECU reset on the forum and it seems disconnecting the negative cable on the battery for 10 mins may be the best method??
  17. No haven't tried that would I be correct ECU would be as follows,thanks very much for the suggestion no harm in trying, I agree wouldn't expect failures at this early stage would make me think again about another diesel RAV!! 1. Turn the ignition key to the on (not start) position. 2. Press the gas pedal to the floor and hold for five seconds. 3. Turn the key to the "off" position (don't remove the key), then release the gas pedal. 4. Wait at least two minutes for ECU to reset
  18. Hi my location is near Yeovil South Somerset
  19. Wondered whether any one on here can help, I have a RAV Diesel XTR 2008 its done 56k no towing or stress? I took it into the local Toyota Garage as the car judders slightly when dong nearly 2000 revs. They tested it and said it was not an engine problem but thought that the DMF was probably going, They recommended I wait until it was really bad before replacing it then the cost would be £2,000 plus they would renew clutch in that price. The question is does this symptom sound like a DMF going, if so how long before it goes and can you recommend anyone locally that would do the job for a reasonable amount? We were thinking of going abroad with the car but I would be concerned it might go when we are away!
  20. Glad you managed to find what you were looking for and I am sure you will have lots of fun driving it! :D
  21. I think I am right in saying that most new cars now, tend to have the "skinny spare wheel" option, or get you back home/garage but dont drive too fast. I thought it would be an idea to list the three options, please feel free to agree/ disagree or make any contributions. My initial preference has always been towards having a spare of some kind. On paper though if you put safety above costs, which has always been my main concern the Run Flat has a lot going for it?? I wont be going down that route though as the odds for getting a puncture don't justify the expenditure ;) Skinny Spare The advantages of this are: (a) Spare is light, cheap, has a small footptint (B) Who ever drives the vehicle knows that a tyre has been damaged and it needs replacing/repairing © You can rotate the tyres your self to get even tread wear(skinny tyre eventually going back in boot) (d) The replacement tyre is more dependable(if maintained correctly) The Disadvantages (a) Not easy for some people to change Jack, weight of tyre etc (B) Messy work © Spare takes up some valueable storage space (d) Takes more time to change(could be dangerous in certain situations) The Gunk Method The advantages of this are: (a) No lifting, jacking (B) More room for storage © Faster time to repair The Disadvantages: (a) Fills tyre with messy gunk (B) Less dependable (cannot trust the repair to hold) © Still Messy Run Flat The advantages of this are: (a) No lifting, jacking (B) More room for storage © No repair time (d) Safer less dangerous (e) Dependable (f) No Mess The Disadvantages: (a) Expensive option( replacement tyre needed each puncture) (B) Has some risk attached (driver not realising tyres are running flat)
  22. Thanks for that I really should of checked when I bought the car, unfortunately it's the sort of kit that is quite useful.Trouble is it's hard to prove whether it was taken or the previous owner kept it? We have decided to replace it with a "get you home spare wheel" which we believe is a better alternative.
  23. Thanks AM I will have another look I am sure it must be there somewhere !!! Nope definately had a good look there are empty slots under the boot floor I guess where the box would have been, can't see any ads for them either. I suppose its back to Toyota to see how much a new one will cost, valueable lesson for would be purchasers ??
  24. Thanks AM I will have another look I am sure it must be there somewhere !!!
  25. Hi Lottie I can probably help you as I have just gone through the buying process, our budget was 13,000 pounds, at the time the average price for a 2008 XT-R was 17,000 pounds with a low mileage. I decided it would be better to go to the car auctions cut out the middle man and save 2/3 thousand pounds. I was searching through Trovit and saw a 2008 XT-R 4,000 miles on the clock for 13,000 pounds, needless to say done deal, really great car. So my advice is keep looking if you are as lucky as me you will pick up bargain somewhere, specally if you have cash.
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