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  1. hello mate, is this a turbo you have n the garage? you got any pics, more details and wold you be interested in selling the whole lot?
  2. yep def lowering next, the photoshop aint far off what i want at all Jesus lol
  3. wicked mate, lowering next i think, then those bits and paint. I will be waiting for a while cos i need to get the money sorted for suspension. thinking i will prob go for teins.
  4. nice work Jesus, def next on the agenda, then def some kit, just a lip spoiler, altapista rear spoiler and maybe toms skirts, will they look ok with the standard front and rear bumpers?
  5. lol, i do need floor mats, bigger brakes will come when i need them, if i go turbo, or some come up at the right price, just done the fronts so not about to spend a load on those at the mo. Did'nt have time to hoover it after a long day sadly. My bugbear with it is that it needs lowering badly now.
  6. can verify these look cool as hell and on the mr2 you can push the gaiter onto the bottom so it looks factoryish
  7. do you sell the Teins perchance, one of my next mods I think, now the alloys are sorted.
  8. very very interested in wheels also, in the queue obviously.
  9. nomadmr2

    Mr2 17s

    looking for a set of 17s, or 18s if cheap enough. Pref with good tyres but anything considered.
  10. hmm, i didnt know that actually. was wanting to get them powercoated then diamond cut, but not straight away. def something to consider.
  11. ah well. i need some wheels!
  12. def well interested if you vome up with a ballpark figure mate :D
  13. hi guys, looking for 17s as on my other post, will these fit my mr2? not sure on offsets etc! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1
  14. they are £499 thou, a little pricy considering the same place has sold them for 299 before
  15. Coming out of a road I floored it, went more sideways than I thought, ie spun the car around to face the opposite direction taking a kerb and grass verge in on the way, wheel smacked sideways into a kerb. Jesus, I have pm'ed you mate.
  16. yeah am doing mate, just thought i would here too. after some wheels asap so will consider any 17s
  17. after smashing the crap out of my alloys last night i am looking for a new set. After 17s, pref with tyres, and would prefer is200 wheels.
  18. does this fit with rev one lights then? straight on, no mods? what sorta price?
  19. Done the same out of a junction yesterday night. Smashed my rear wheel against a kerb. Now I need either a new 15" tsw alpine i will never find, or a set of 17s.
  20. got mine today, looks great. Is def metal for the record.
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