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  1. misso

    Camry Stalling

    My 2001 Camry was stalling while warm (original post-automatic transmission). Since my car is rather "new" the dealer and district manager worked to get the car repaired. The car finally gave a code leading to the throttle position sensor which tested ok. They finally replaced the throttle position sensor (anyway), EGR valve, vacuum switching valve, and temperature sensor. So far the car hasn't stalled. I am keeping my fingers crossed! I hope this helps someone else, too!
  2. misso

    Camry Stalling

    Thanks for the advice - I will check into that as a possible solution!
  3. misso

    Camry Stalling

    I spoke with the service manager and he said that that was something he had already checked. I do appreciate your reply, however.
  4. misso

    Camry Stalling

    Thank you very much for the advice! The car is at the dealer now so I will mention that to them today!
  5. I am a new member and have been experiencing difficulties with my 2001 Camry since the beginning of November. When I take my foot off of the accelerator and begin to apply the brake the engines stalls. There is a bit of warning as I see the idle bounce between 250-750 before the engine shuts down. This happens sometimes 1-2 times a week after about 20-30 minutes of driving. The speed that it dies varies anywhere from 20-35 miles per hour. If I put my foot on the gas (after the car is in nuetral) it doesn't stall, but it drives roughly. The huge problem is that I can't brake after the car
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